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October 12, 2018

Game of the Week: Assemble your clone army for PvP battle in Badland Brawl!

by John_A


Update October 12, 2018: This week, we’re playing Badland Brawl, a new take on the PvP tower defense genre!

Most mobile gamers should fondly recall Badland, the highly-stylized adventure game that raked in many awards and much accolades when it was first released five years ago. After a fairly successful sequel, the team at Frogmind Studios has returned to the Badland brand with a new PvP multiplayer experience that’s worth checking out.

The premise is pretty familiar if you’ve played other PvP mobile games such as Clash Royale — your goal is to destroy your enemies towers before they destroy yours by strategically deploying the right clones at the right time. What makes Badland Brawl stand out from the rest of the crowd is it’s physics-based combat that borrows the slingshot mechanic from another iconic mobile title, Angry Birds, and the way you can literally bump your enemy’s clones off course and completely derail your opponent’s attacks.

As you’d expect, upgrading your troops is a bit part of this game and relies on collecting and unlocking crates — in this instance, eggs — that give you upgrade points and coins for your different clones. As your collection of clones grow, you’ll get more variety to choose from for selecting your battle party. There are currently 37 different clone types to find and battle with, and there are in-app purchases available for purchasing gems which you can spend on eggs or coins.

If you love PvP arena games, Badland Brawl offers a fresh take on the tried and tested formula that’s made all the better by the gorgeous graphics that the Badland franchise is known for. The backgrounds are colorful and vibrant, and the character animations are butter smooth. It’s a free download so check it out if it seems like something you’d enjoy!

Download: Badland Brawl (Free w/IAPs, Ads)

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