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October 10, 2018

SpamResponse review: A simple way to report spam text messages

by John_A

Smartphones are a blessing when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved ones, but some calls and texts are definitely not welcome. Mobile SMS spam appears to be on the rise these days, and tracking down the spammers is about as easy as finding a unicorn in the wild.

Fortunately, the Android app ecosystem provides numerous apps that come to the rescue in such situations. One example is SpamResponse, a simple app for reporting unwanted messages.

Tired of receiving junk texts? Use SpamResponse

SpamResponse is super easy to use. Just install it on your phone and launch it to start using it. You’ll get a view of your SMS inbox. From there find the Spam message you want to report and long-press it. Then tap on the red Report Spam button that shows up in the top right of the display. Another way to do it is to simple swipe right and tap to undo the action.

The cool thing about this app is that it filters out your contact’s messages so that you don’t accidentally report from friends and family. However, we should note that reporting spam does not remove the message from your device. So you’ll still be able to view them when accessing your messaging apps.

Once you report a message, the team behind SpamResponse will investigate the message, and if a threat is identified, they will work with their network of digital service providers to disable consumer access to the threat.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll stop receiving Spam texts altogether. SpamRepsonse is part of an industry-wide effort to combat Spam messages, therefore the more you participate the more you help improve the service.

The app is quite minimalist, so apart from letting you report spam messages, it doesn’t come with a lot of features. You also get the option to view the messages your reported by going to Settings>Report History.

SpamResponse is free to download and use. Also, it’s not plagued by any annoying adds.

Download SpamReponse from the Play Store

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