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October 10, 2018

New camera features coming to Pixel 2 and original Pixels

by John_A


You don’t need to spend more money to get sick new camera features.

The Pixel line has been the benchmark for great photos for the last couple years, and that’s going to continue with the Pixel 3. But, don’t go thinking your Pixel 2 is suddenly bad: the best features of the Pixel 3’s camera are coming to the older phones.

The best among these is Night Sight: a new feature that makes your nighttime picture so much better. No more super bright eyes, details hidden in shadows, or any of the other downsides that come with a nighttime shot. The photos still clearly look like they’re taken in dark conditions, but lit up well enough so you can see the small details and all the smiles on your friends’ faces.

Other features like improved Augmented Reality — including new characters from Marvel Studios — are coming as well.

Google didn’t specify when the new features would reach older phones, but it should be sometime in the next few months.

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