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October 10, 2018

Best Pixel 3 cases and covers

by John_A

If you plan to buy one of Google’s Pixel 3 smartphones, then you had better look into protecting it. The glass back, which enables Qi wireless charging to work, is also going to be breakable, so it’s a smart move to safeguard it. We’ve had a quick peek at the available options and these are the best Pixel 3 cases so far for the brand-new phone.

Incipio NGP Case ($20)

If you’re a fan of the Pixel 3’s look and you don’t want to cover it entirely, then you might fancy this translucent offering from Incipio. Crafted from its proprietary Flex2O material, this is a lightweight but highly durable case for the Pixel 3. The bottom portion of the case echoes the Pixel’s two-tone finish to add a touch of style, but it’s a fairly plain offering with accurate openings, button covers, raised bezels to protect the screen, and a subtle Incipio logo on the side. It offers protection against scratches and drops from up to 3 feet.

Buy it now from:


Spigen Neo Hybrid Case ($30)

Here’s a relatively tough case that combines malleable TPU with a hard polycarbonate frame for solid protection from knocks and falls. The matte, textured finish on the back enhances grip and won’t pick up grubby fingerprints. There’s also an extended lip around the screen to prevent it from touching down on any surface. Tapered openings for the fingerprint sensor and camera and well-defined button covers round out a good case.

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Totallee Thin Case ($25)

For people who hate thick cases and prominent branding, the Totallee Thin case could be ideal. It’s extremely thin at 0.02 inches thick, it’s so light you’ll barely feel it, and it has no logos or garish patterns. The matte black version is pictured, but it also comes in frosted clear and glossy clear varieties. You can’t expect solid drop protection from a case this slight, but it will guard against scratches and minor bumps.

Buy it now from:


Ringke Fusion Case ($9)

This crystal-clear case from Ringke is very affordable, but still offers reasonable protection with a hard, transparent polycarbonate back panel and a flexible, clear TPU bumper. The corners are reinforced for impact protection and there’s a lanyard hole for anyone who wants to attach a strap. You’ll find accurate cutouts and thin button covers offering easy access to everything. You can also pick up this case with a smoke black translucent bumper.

Buy it now from:


VRS Design Label Case ($20)

You may like the eye-catching, ridged look of this Single Fit Label Series case from VRS Design. It’s like a small, tough suitcase designed to envelop your Pixel 3 and guard it from drop damage or scratches. It features raised edges around the screen, tactile button covers, and beveled openings for the fingerprint sensor and camera. You can pick it up in white or black and each case features a burst of color in the red/orange label tag.

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VRS Design

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