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October 8, 2018

This Philips Hue sale includes smart bulbs and accessories for every light

by John_A

Replace every light in your house.

Grab a Philips Hue white and color dimmable A19 LED smart bulb for 20% off at $39.99 on Amazon. These bulbs normally sell for $50, and this price matches a low we’ve seen only a couple times before.

The A19 fits in regular lamps and is probably the one you need the most. However, if you want to put smart bulbs in a overhead or horizontal lighting fixture, you can also get the BR30 color smart bulb for the same price today. This one does not drop to $40 nearly as often, either, so this is a good deal. Philips Hue also has the E12 candle-shaped color smart bulb for $39.99.

That’s a smart bulb for really any possible light fixture you have around the house, but if you need some more smart lighting this sale isn’t done. You can also get the Philips Hue Go color dimmable smart light for $63.99. That’s 20% off its regular $80 street price. This is a wireless, portable, rechargeable light that lasts up to three hours and can be controlled like any other Hue light.

You can also get the color dimmable LightStrip Plus for 30% off its regular price. It’s down to $59.99 from a regular $90 price. This is an 80-inch strip you can bend anywhere you want it and trim it to size.

There are a couple other Philips Hue sales we saw last week that you might want to know about as well, including this huge bundle with Razer and a Hue starter kit for $392 and this 2-bulb starter kit for $100. Remember all Philips Hue bulbs need the hub included with starter kits to work, but you can buy the smart hub by itself for less than $48.

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