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October 5, 2018

Learn music production from Ableton pros for only $29

by John_A

With the popularity of YouTube, everyone’s an artist nowadays, but you’ll quickly notice (after the hundredth cover of some Bruno Mars song) that few “artists” know much about production. And, believe it or not, there’s still a market for qualified producers, especially as more and more people independently record and release their own music. The key to producer greatness, however, involves learning from the best — from beginners’ stuff to the advanced.


With a Lifetime membership to Noiselab, you’ll gain access to courses that’ll teach you everything you need to know about live and recorded music production, and the best part is that you’ll learn everything from actual pros and electronic musicians. Normally, a lifetime membership would cost you $1,140, but at Android Central Digital Offers, you can join for only $29, a savings of 97%. And that membership is for life.

You’ll get all of the following with your membership:

  • Access to 24 courses comprising 278 lectures and 45 hours of content, accessible 24/7
  • Video tutorials, online courses, project templates, and more
  • Music production lessons in Ableton Live from industry pros
  • Hit song breakdowns: How they’re made and why they’re hits
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to all current and future content

Whether you’re just starting out in music production altogether, or you have experience in live or recorded music and want to learn about the other side, the Noiselab lifetime membership is your key to the music production kingdom. There are new courses added monthly, which means you’ll be able to keep up with everything as the music industry evolves, instructed by both producers and musicians alike. And the best part is that it’s all only $29 at Android Central Digital Offers.

See at Android Central Digital Offers

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