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October 5, 2018

Every PlayStation 4 game we’d like to see support cross-platform gameplay

by John_A


Come on in and get hype with us!

Now that PlayStation has finally caved and started to allow cross-platform gameplay with Fortnite, we’re all wondering what’s next. With all the multi-player online games, there’s plenty that we wish we could play with our Xbox friends. Here are some of our top choices for what we would like to see support cross-platform gameplay!

  • Call of Duty: Black OPs 4
  • Fallout 76
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Minecraft
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Monster Hunter World
  • FIFA 19

Call of Duty: Black OPs 4

With a new Call of Duty making its debut, we all want to play with as many people as we possibly can. Nothing quite like shooting your friends in their virtual heads to pass the time, right? We all want to experience the new weapons, skins, and maps with all of our friends, so why not Xbox too?

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Fallout 76

They say the world stopped when Fallout 76 was announced. Okay, maybe not as if there was an atom bomb dropped on us, but still. There is hardly a person I’ve met who isn’t excited for the new MMO that will be Fallout 76… except maybe all of my Xbox friends who found out they wouldn’t be able to play with me since they pre-ordered it for the PlayStation. While I own a PlayStation, I chose to not pre-order there so that I would have as many cross-platform friends as I possibly could.

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Elder Scrolls Online

Scratch the itch for fantasy that we’re all craving and play some Elder Scrolls Online. Here you can grind your levels, defeat dungeons and take on massive bosses with your friends. The PlayStation version of this game is compatible with those on the PC, even allowing you to play your account on a PC, but your Xbox friends have been left in the dust. Maybe not for good, though. Since Sony let up on their rules with Fortnite there’s a small chance they’ll do so across the other games. Maybe even as a blanket rule!

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Playing Minecraft online takes me back to the days of watching RoosterTeeth create wild puzzles and games for themselves to play in their servers. There is hardly anything cooler for your Minecraft experience than downloading a seed that’s filled with a whole lot of adventure and taking your friends for a wild ride. This is definitely one of the titles I hope PlayStation will also allow cross-platform gameplay for.

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Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy series originally started as a single player game that took you 13523 hours and 12 discs to complete. Now, with Final Fantasy XIV, it’s one download and a whole lot of patches. But, it’s an MMO of one of our favorite titles that now we can enjoy with friends. Like, the real kind of enjoyment. Not the “sit next to me and watch me play” kind of enjoyment.

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Monster Hunter World

Tame your monsters so you can train them to defeat other monsters. In the multiplayer option, you and 3 other friends join forces to fight against a giant monstrosity of a monster. Of course, you can play with fewer people, but that won’t make the quests any easier. This challenging, and gorgeous game has stolen our hearts and we want to play with our Xbox friends too, dangit!

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This game has one of the largest player bases out of them all. With so many sports fans, (who are also video game fans) Fifa is hard to keep on the shelves at every new release. Keeping that in mind, I’m surprised it wasn’t one of the first games that gained cross-platform compatibility. With the numbers looking like that I would have announced cross-platform at the same time of Fortnite if I were Sony.

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What are you looking for in cross-platform?

Was your favorite multiplayer game not mentioned below? Tell me all about it in the comment section!

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