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October 5, 2018

Best mounts for your Amazon Cloud Cam

by John_A

The Amazon Cloud Cam is the Alexa-enabled home security camera of the Amazon-lover’s dreams. It’s great on a table or desk, but if you have pets or kids who might knock it over, or if you want to set it at a different vantage point, you’ll want a mount. There aren’t too many options available right, but below you’ll find the best of what’s around.

Amazon’s choice

TotalMount hole-free wall mount


Who better than Amazon to pick a mount for the Amazon Cloud Cam? This one doesn’t require any drilling, since it simply adheres to your wall without leaving any residue behind if you need to move it. This mount is made specifically for the Amazon Cloud Cam, and it lets you mount the camera looking upward or downward.

$13 at Amazon

Low vantage pointt

Wasserstein AC outlet mount


This mount lets you plug your Amazon Cloud Cam right into any wall outlet, and it even offers 360-degree swivel, so you can position your camera looking in any direction along its x-axis. No drilling or adhesive involved!

$10 at Amazon

Tilt, swivel, and pan

TotalMount full motion mount


If you want to be able to mount your Amazon Cloud Cam with a full range of motion that includes tilting, swiveling, and full rotation, then this is the mount you want. You do have to screw it into the wall, but then you know it’s well-anchored and can be orientated in any way you choose.

$11 at Amazon

Magnetic pick

Wasserstein 2-in-1 mount


With this mount, you can either have it wall-mounted on the screw-in plastic plate, or you can attach it to any magnetic surface, like your fridge or a metal plate. It even easily slides off the wall mount, so you can have it both ways. Comes in black or white.

$17 at Amazon

Keeping your Amazon Cloud Cam up and out of danger is also the best way to get a full view of whichever room it’s in. Putting it in an outlet is also a great way to keep your camera out of sight and/or close to a power supply so that you don’t need to run any cable at all. For a full range of motion, go with the TotalMount full motion mount.

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