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October 4, 2018

Are Android apps coming to your Windows laptop? It’s in the works

by John_A

At Microsoft’s October 2 event, the company showcased some of the latest and greatest parts of its Windows 10 October 2018 Update. But a never-before-seen feature was also demoed that would let you use Android apps right on your computer. As noted by ZDNet, the new ability, being dubbed as app mirroring, lets you continue apps from an Android phone right on your PC.

During the brief on-stage demo, Microsoft reps quickly showcased how you can continue a Snapchat conversation without the need to open the app on an Android phone. Snapchat was mirrored over on the PC, and Microsoft reiterated that you can type out a full Snapchat conversation using just your Windows 10 PC. However, it was not made clear if the mirroring would be automatic or if it needed to be manually initiated.

This new app mirroring feature is reportedly an upcoming part of Microsoft’s Your Phone app, which currently allows you to transfer and edit photos and continue your SMS texts from your Android phone on your PC. Unfortunately, since that app just shipped out with the October 2018 Update, it wasn’t made clear when the app mirroring feature will be released to the general public. The upcoming Windows 10 19H1 update seems like a possibility, though, and Windows Insiders are likely to be the first to test it out.

Android is the key word in this story, and it is not likely that this will be open up to iOS due to the nature of Apple’s locked down ecosystem. However, Microsoft still offers up iPhone owners the chance to continue webpages on their PC via the Microsoft Edge app.

A little while ago, Microsoft had previously shown interest in bridging Android apps to Windows 10 with a project known as “Astoria.” The firm gave up that project in 2016, citing their iOS app bridging technologies as a reason for that decision.

With features like Continue on PC and Microsoft Launcher Windows Timeline integrations now considered, it definitely looks as though Microsoft is playing it serious with Android. Since Microsoft gave up on its own smartphone platform, it’s building the foundation for more and more of your smartphone activities to happen on your PC.

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