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October 3, 2018

Leviton’s new $30 Mini Plug-in Outlet helps you control your home

by John_A

If you’re not commanding a smart home now, you’re running out of excuses to try.

Leviton, the maker of tons of really good smart switches and plugs, has a new smart device – the $29.99 Decora Mini Plug-in Outlet. Much like the Wemo Mini or TP-Link Mini, this is a new smart plug that requires no hub and easily connects to smart home ecosystems like Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can also use the Decora Mini with devices like the Nest thermostat, SmartThings home monitoring, and more. You’ll be able to download the free My Leviton app and control all aspects of the plug. In fact, the app can control 20 different residences with full smart home systems, so you can keep adding new appliances and switches as you go.

Whatever is plugged in can have its own custom schedule. That means turning the lights off when you go to bed, turning them on when you’re away from home, or setting your coffee machine to start brewing as soon as you get out of bed. Just one less second you have to spend not having coffee in your system, right? Leviton’s first Plug-in Outlet was a bit bulkier and costs a bit more, so it’s nice to see the company improving on that formula.

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