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September 9, 2018

I want a OnePlus 6T in my stocking this Christmas

by John_A


OnePlus has the chance to build the best phone to buy during the 2018 holiday season and I think they can do it.

No phone is perfect, but we all need one. We each try to decide which phone is best and the answer we come up with might not be the same but how we get it is: a mix of price, features, and trust in the brand. While plenty of phones can hit the right spot for one or two of those things, it can be tough to find the one that ticks every box.

Buying a phone is like math to me. Value = Price 2*Feature/Trust.

I’m like a lot of other people and have a bit of a problem when it comes to tech products — I spend too much money and buy too many of them. Of course, I’ll be buying a new phone at the end of the year and it’s looking like it will be the OnePlus 6T. Yes, so far everything is a rumor but come on, you don’t manufacture a replica retail box in order to fool a tech blog (and if you do, you should have done the iPhone XI and watched it all burn). I know I’ll be buying a phone that’s not exactly what I like unless I buy another BlackBerry because nobody makes them now. Long tall skinny notchy things are the new cool, and it looks like OnePlus is doing it the best.


If all the rumors are true, the OnePlus 6T will nail it on price and features for me. After a big internet kerfluffle that I got sucked into over privacy concerns, talking with the folks at OnePlus about how I (and everyone else) was wrong and what they were doing that wasn’t being leaked out, I have plenty of trust in the brand. And after seeing almost everything there is to see about a Pixel 3, if OnePlus makes the 6T in red I’m buying it. Even better — I’ll convince my wife and kids to buy it for me as a gift.

It’s not just the notch.

It’s only partially about the notch because I’d be buying the small notchelss Pixel 3. The OnePlus 6 has a notch, and I’m 100% positive the OnePlus 6T will have one, too. Lots of phones have a notch and I dislike them equally because of it. But OnePlus seems to be one of the companies that makes it as small as possible (dammit Google) and will resist any silly fancy tricks to minimize its impact that really only make things worse. If I have to have a notch I want it to be a good notch even though such a thing doesn’t exist and I will type words to that effect as many times as physically possible. OnePlus doesn’t have the worst notch so it wins by default.

I want a little more from my phone but I’m not ready to go full Samsung yet.

I’m just ready to try something a little more fun than a Pixel for my second phone but not ready to go full Samsung. OnePlus gives me that fun vibe and the company adds a bit to the software and takes risks with the hardware that Google doesn’t. I have a feeling that an in-display fingerprint sensor isn’t ever going to be as great as one on the back of the phone, but I want one anyway. I know beta software tracks usually mean headaches and stuff that doesn’t work the way I think it will, but I want to try beta builds anyway. And since Russell will never give me my blue Pixel 2 like he said he would, I want a red OnePlus 6T. I hope you break the screen, Russell. Just kidding 💖.

I also think I’m not the only person who will look at the Pixel 3 and then buy a OnePlus 6T. We might regret the decision, but we won’t know until we try it. OnePlus is making me want to try it. Of course, all the rumors could be false and Google trolled the whole world with catfish notched phones and I will just want to stay in bed until CES. We’ll soon see.

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