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February 15, 2018

‘Silent Streets’ sequel beefs up the AR sleuthing on iOS

by John_A

Silent Streets was an odd mix of walking simulator and AR-based Victorian detective story, but clearly the mix of genres was a hit. Funbakers, the studio behind the game, has already cooked up a sequel, Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird, that’ll see players return to the murky world of Snowport. There, they’ll be tasked with solving a series of grisly murders in, and around, the world of backroom boxing.

The first title had some slightly clunky AR elements, but the company is now using Apple’s ARKit for its real-world clue hunting. In the preview, it’s clear that there’s plenty more AR content, including the player hanging out in a mortuary, searching corpses for clues. That should dovetail neatly with the hand drawn artwork and professional voice acting that was present in the original.

Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird will arrive on iOS devices on March 1st, and you can pre-order the first episode of this particular saga from today. An Android version is coming in the near future, but there’s no word — yet — on when it will actually arrive. But that just gives you more time to pick up a deerstalker, cloak, cane and fake mustache, right?

Source: Silent Streets (App Store)

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