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Gear Up: IFROGZ has five wireless headphone options for under $35

ifroggz headphones and earphones

In the hunt for a new set of headphones or earphones as you double down on your New Year’s resolution? You’re still going to the gym, right? The weather’s about to break soon, and you’ll be out and about, soaking up some sun. What are you going to use to listen to music as you stay active?

Headphone maker IFROGZ knows that we love music, podcasts, and audiobooks. They also know that not everyone has a few hundred bucks to put down on a pair of high-end headphones. In fact, a lot of people we know are more likely to buy a cheaper pair and then replace them with another, or different inexpensive set. That’s exactly the market IFROGZ goes after with its most recent products.

ifroggz bundle

Announced in late 2017, we were sent a media kit of five different pairs of Bluetooth IFROGZ headphones and earphones. Priced $34.99 at the most, the line features different colors and design choices to match your preferred style.

In addition to the various headphones, our box included some fun and interesting music-related items. There were stickers, cards that mimic local concerts, a t-shirt, and a press kit that called to mind vinyl record liners. All cool stuff, really, and it was encased in a box that automatically played a video when it was opened.

We’ve spent time listening to music, audiobooks, and various podcasts via the different models over the last few weeks and found them all to be solid offerings with appealing price tags.  Here’s a quick overview as to how each of the IFROGZ headphones fit in the scheme of things and what you might expect. These are broken into in-ear wireless earbuds and on-ear wireless headphones.

In-ear wireless earbuds

ifroggz resound in-ear

Resound Wireless ($34.99 SRP) – Offered in rose or charcoal, these are the sort of earbuds you’ll want if you care about style and comfort. They’re lightweight, made from aluminum, and have an appearance that they’d be more expensive. Battery life is rated around 10 hours which is right in line with our findings.

ifroggz flexforce

Flex Force Wireless ($29.99 SRP) – If you like a headphone that drapes around your neck, you’ll appreciate the Flex Force earbuds. Lightweight and fairly low-key, these have magnetic earbud tips that stay put when not used. Look for these in either black or white.

ifroggz free rein

Free Rein Wireless ($19.99 SRP) – Offered in black or white, these are more utilitarian and don’t focus on aesthetics so much as they do for just getting the job done. With solid battery life of five hours per charge, the 10mm drivers and wing tips fit nice and secure and deliver a decent audio experience.

On-ear wireless headphones

ifroggz resounds on-ear

Resound Wireless Headphones ($34.99 SRP) – For those of you who like the on-ear approach and have an appreciation for music, consider these. You’ll get up to 20 hours of battery life per charge,  and the 40mm drivers offer up a sound that betrays its low price. Use the built-in microphone for calls and use the on-ear controls; go with Bluetooth or the wired connection to help extend battery. Pick ’em up in black or red and enjoy their soft touch.

ifroggz toxix

Toxix Wireless Headphones ($24.99 SRP) – If you’re not ready to commit to the Resound model, save ten bucks and opt for these. They’re essentially a slightly watered down version with 30mm drivers and 10 hours of battery. Like its counterpart, you can go wireless or wired and they also have on-ear controls. Find them in black or blue.

Where to Buy

You can learn more about IFROGZ headphones at its website; interested buyers can find various models offered at online and retail outlets as well as select wireless carriers. Shop: Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy.


Save 97% on the Microsoft Data Analysis Bundle!

For decades, Microsoft has been a leader in advanced data tools. From Excel spreadsheets to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), to Microsoft Access database management system, businesses have been relying on these tools to help solve problems, automate complicated processes, and deliver data in a digestible manner.

If your company or business uses one or more of these services but you’re not as well-versed as you’d like, Android Central Digital Offers has a great deal for you. You can get Lifetime Access to the Microsoft Data Analysis Bundle for just $29. Valued at over $1100, that’s a savings of 97%!


This bundle includes more than 30 hours of content split across four courses on the following Microsoft Advanced Data Tools:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Advanced Excel
  • Advanced VBA
  • Advanced Microsoft Access

Training yourself on these services is a great example of professional development, and shows potential employers that you’re serious about learning new tools and skills. Don’t miss out on this deal as it won’t last forever!

See at Android Central Digital Offers


Tekton’s 135-piece electronics repair kit is down to $30

Have the tool you need for any project.

Tekton’s Everybit 135-piece electronics repair and security bit set is down to $29.83 on Amazon. It normally sells for around $33 or more. This price matches one we saw over Black Friday. It’s the lowest sale in more than a year for Tekton’s 135-piece kit.


The included ratcheting screwdriver has forward, fixed, and reverse drive positions with a rubber grip. There are 105 screwdriver bits and 22 precision bits. The kit is designed specifically for smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, and watches and eyeglasses. It also includes pentalobe bits for Apple products.

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The Google Pixel 2 64GB unlocked smartphone is down to $535 refurbished

Save huge compared to a new phone.

Woot has refurbished Google Pixel 2 64GB smartphones on sale for $535 in three different colors. That’s a price of $529.99 plus a flat-rate shipping fee of $5. You can upgrade to 128GB on the Just Black version for $585. The 64GB phones sell for $649 new from Google.


The phones are unlocked for Verizon and GSM networks, which includes AT&T and T-Mobile. It specifically doesn’t say Sprint so you might not want to risk that. They come with a 90-day warranty from Google. The Pixel 2 has a 1080p 441ppi AMOLED display, unlimited Cloud storage, a 12.2MP f/1.8 rear camera, 8MP front camera, and the ability to record 1080p video at 120fps. This is an Android phone through-and-through and can even bring up Google Assistant just by squeezing it.

Read the Android Central review of the Pixel 2 if you want to know more about it.

See on Woot


Essential Phone available in three new colors for a limited time

Each variant costs $599.

On February 13, Essential shared a teaser image on Twitter saying that “a new wave” of the Essential Phone was coming. The photo hinted that we were finally getting a launch for the Ocean Depths color of the Essential Phone, and while that color is now available, there are two other ones being released alongside it.


In addition to Ocean Depths, Essential is launching the Stellar Gray color that was also announced last May and a brand-new Copper Black variant.

Ocean Depths is my personal favorite of the bunch, as it features a stunning teal back and gold frame + fingerprint sensor accent. It’s one of the most unique color combos I’ve seen in years, and while some people may find it a bit obnoxious, I think it looks amazing.

Stellar Gray has a much more subdued appearance with a matte black back and frame, and Copper Black offers the best of both worlds with a glossy back and copper frame.


Due to the difficult process of consistently producing colored ceramic, Essential is only releasing these three colors in limited quantities. In regards to the release schedule:

  • Ocean Depths is launching February 15 @ 12:00 PM PST
  • Stellar Gray is launching February 20 @ 12:00 PM PST
  • Copper Black is launching February 22 @ 12:00 PM PST

Each version will cost $599 ($100 more than Black Moon and Pure White), and they’ll be sold exclusively through Essential’s website.

See at Essential

Essential Phone

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  • The latest Essential Phone news
  • Join our Essential Phone forums!

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Ways to Fix PS4 Overheating Issues


My console is overheating, how did this happen?

Overheating isn’t just a hassle; it can be damaging to your PlayStation 4. Prolonged heat at high temperatures can ruin your circuit boards, and no one wants that. A lot of the reasons that revolve around your console overheating are not your fault, so don’t beat yourself up. From a system overload to a routine cleaning job, I’m here to help walk you through your overheating problems!

Room temperature and random flukes

Sometimes a console overheating is just a one-time fluke. Before you freak out about the possibility of your console being broken forever, try turning it off. Let the PlayStation cool down to a normal temperature, and then turn it back on. If you are still experiencing issues, continue on below for some more opportunities for easy fixes.

Another thing to check is what temperature you are keeping the area your PS4 resides in. If the room is kept too hot, it will cause your PS4 to overheat. Make sure your house is set to a comfortable temperature for safe gaming! Now we all know there’s always that one room in the house that stays hotter or colder than the rest. Thankfully you can get a cheap thermometer from Amazon for about $5 to track the temperature of your room. This way you have an active visual of whether you need to turn on a fan or open a window.

See on Amazon

Compressed air is your friend


If you own any sort of game consoles or computers, a can of compressed air should now be on the list of things in your handy drawer. I can not even begin to count the number of problems I have had with technology that a can of air saved me from. That being said, if your PlayStation 4 is overheating the first thing you want to check is the cleanliness.

Are the fans on the sides of your console dusty? Usually, that’s the #1 reason for a loud or overheating PS4.

Unplug your PlayStation 4 completely and find a flat surface to work on.
Take your can of compressed air and gently navigate it through the openings to the fan on your PS4.
Go through and clean out the USB ports.
Turn your PS4 around and give your plug ports and gentle blow with the can as well.
When you feel satisfied, wipe down your PS4 with a microfiber cloth.

When all is said and done, plug your console back in and see if the overheating issues have improved. If you feel that your PlayStation requires a deeper clean, you may need to resort to a professional. Taking apart your PlayStation can be risky business.

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Check for system updates

Not everyone plays their PS4 online or even has it hooked up to the Wi-Fi. Even if you don’t, it’s good to set a reminder on your phone to connect your PlayStation to the internet and check for software updates. This will increase the performance of your console and reduce the risk of it over-working itself and overheat!

Make sure your console is connected to Wi-Fi!

Select Settings from your top menu on the main screen of your PS4. It will resemble a briefcase.
Select System Software Update.
Select Check for Updates

If there is an update, select Install Update. If there is not an update it will notify you!


Check for game updates

Another type of update you want to keep on top of is the updates to the games themselves. Most PlayStations are set to automatically update when connected to the internet, but on the off chance, you aren’t here’s how to do that manually!

Make sure your console is connected to Wi-Fi

On the main menu of your PS4 highlight the game in question.
Press the Options button located on your controller.
Scroll down the options menu and select Check for Update.

If there is an update, select Install Update. If there is not an update it will notify you!


Make room for more memory

Sometimes when a PlayStation 4 is reaching it’s maxed amount of memory it’ll start to give you some problems with performance. This isn’t overheating, but the way the system slows down can feel similar. You can fix these issues by clearing up some space or buying an external hard drive. The good thing about the second option is that you can get a fairly good one on Amazon for roughly $90 and it’ll give you an extra 2TB of memory!

See on Amazon

How to check and delete memory from the Settings menu

Select Settings from your top menu on the main screen of your PS4. It will resemble a briefcase.
Select Storage.
If you are looking at the space on an external hard drive select Extended Storage.

To delete content, press the Options button on your controller and press select.


How to delete a game from the main menu

On the main menu of your PS4 highlight the game in question.
Press the Options button located on your controller.

Scroll down the menu that will pop up and select Delete.


Are you still experiencing overheating issues on your PlayStation 4? What sort of tips and tricks did you try to solve your issues? Tell us in the comment section below!

PlayStation 4


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The Alcatel 5, 3V, and 1X will be announced on February 24

One of these phones is not like the others.

Mobile World Congress will be here before we know it, and among all of the companies announcing new products, Alcatel will be one of them. The company recently took to Twitter to shed some light on three of the phones we’ll see, and they include the Alcatel 5, 3V, and 1X.


The Alcatel 5 is the company’s flagship phone for 2018, and as you can see from the photo above, it adopts the “bezel-less” trend we’ve been seeing since last year. However, Alcatel takes a unique approach to this by having hardly any bezels anywhere aside from a large forehead near the top. It kind of looks like a reserve take on the Sharp Aquos Crystal from 2014, and this will likely be the most exciting of Alcatel’s lineup.

As for the Alcatel 3V and 1X, these two phones feature much more traditional bodies. The 3V has rounded corners with what appears to be an 18:9 display, and while it’s hard to say for sure, it looks like the 1V will kick it old school with unrounded corners and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The phones look fine, but I’ll be more interested in seeing if Alcatel addresses reports from last month where it was discovered that the default gallery app on many of its phones had been replaced with spamware.

In any case, based on what we have so far, are you interested in what Alcatel will be showing off in just a few days?

Some Alcatel phones had the default gallery app replaced with spamware


Crowdfunded ‘Shaq-Fu’ revival game finally comes out this spring

The early ’90s made a bad habit out of terrible action games cashing in on brands and celebrities. One of the latter was Shaq Fu, which has become a punchline in Worst Games of All Time lists for franchising out NBA star Shaquille O’Neil into a bad fighter filled with a confusing mish-mash of myths. Instead of ruin, some saw kitschy promise, and a revival was successfully crowdfunded in 2014. Friends who collectively sunk over $450,000 into this dream, your time is coming. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn will arrive for PC and consoles (including the Switch) this spring.

#Shaqfu is back! This Spring, take on the role of the unstoppable @SHAQ, a legend reborn, and fight your way through the hordes of Hell & Hollywood! We’ll be sharing a brand new trailer and the release date very soon!

— Wired Productions 🎮 (@WiredP) February 15, 2018

After all that time, the trailer footage isn’t terribly impressive: A 2.5-D side-scrolling beat-em-up with cartoony flair and so-so graphics. But its bright, colorful stages give off a delightful Sunset Overdrive vibe, and it’s hard to tell from just a trailer if the goofy tone and gameplay will elevate this game from nostalgic gag to enjoyable fighter. A lot of the game’s appeal rests on Shaq’s cultural clout — who, credit where credit is due, lends his voice here — but it ain’t 1994 anymore. Is the world hungry for another Shaq Attack?

Via: Niche Gamer

Source: Wired Productions


Google’s Phone app is getting chat heads like Facebook Messenger

An update rolling out to Google phones, including Pixel and Android One devices, will give the Phone app a new but familiar feature. Android Police has discovered in an APK teardown that the app is getting circular floating chat heads, which are pretty much identical to Facebook Messenger’s. They’ll appear when you leave the call screen — you can drag them anywhere on your display, and they’ll stay visible on top of other apps. You’ll also see a menu when you tap on the icon, with options to go back to call, to mute, to put it on speakerphone or to end it. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if it’ll eventually make its way to all Android devices.

Android Police has captured the bubble icon in action, and as you can see above, it looks just like Messenger’s. In addition to chat heads, Phone app version 17 might finally add Real-Time Text support for the hearing or speech-impaired and pretty much anyone who needs it. Android Police says it’s unsure if the feature is rolling out with version 17 or if Google is merely getting close to releasing it. In the APK’s page, though, it says “Google-powered voicemail transcription for T-Mobile USA users” under “What’s New.” You can download the APK yourself if you want to get Phone version 17 right now, but you can also wait for Google to officially roll out the update.

Source: Android Police


Peter Thiel might be getting out of Silicon Valley

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Peter Thiel — billionaire, investor and Gawker-killer — might be cutting many of his ties with Silicon Valley. The paper spoke to sources it says are familiar with Thiel and his plans and they said that the shift is largely due to the Bay Area’s left-leaning politics and what Thiel sees as its intolerance for conservative views. Supposedly, he’s considering leaving Facebook’s board and plans to move to Los Angeles. Thiel Capital and Thiel Foundation, companies that manage his investments, may also be relocated to LA.

Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal and an early investor of Facebook, has had his hands and his cash in a number of startups and major tech companies, and he’s been an influential Silicon Valley figure for decades. But he hasn’t been welcomed by everyone there. His politics, and particularly his support of Donald Trump’s campaign and early presidency, ruffled a lot of feathers in the tech world, including those of Facebook board member and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. The possibility of Thiel leaving Facebook’s board came up during the height of Thiel’s dispute with Hastings, but Mark Zuckerberg released a statement at the time saying the company was keeping him around because it supported diversity.

But Facebook isn’t the only company that has come under fire for its involvement with Thiel. Diversity initiative Project Include cut ties with venture incubator Y Combinator because of its connection with Thiel and though it wasn’t clear why, Y Combinator later parted ways with Thiel. Over the last couple of years, Thiel has also left the boards of Zenefits and Asana and has sold off the majority of his stakes in Twilio and Facebook. But he remains involved with other companies, including Palantir Technologies — a data-mining and analytics company whose tools are used by US Customs and Border Protection as well as ICE to track immigrants in the US.

If Thiel really does pull back from Silicon Valley and the tech world, it would be rather notable, if for nothing else because of just how involved he’s been. Some may welcome the thought, but even if Thiel moves, it doesn’t mean he’s going away. And according to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, Thiel’s next move might be a conservative media outlet. Time will tell if these reports reflect Thiel’s true intentions, but Silicon Valley eyes will certainly remain on the billionaire, whether they’re watching him stay or go.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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