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February 13, 2018

Customers that removed ads from Prime Exclusive phones will receive refunds

by John_A

Amazon is sending out a full $45 credit over the coming days.

About a week ago, Amazon announced a big change for its Prime Exclusive line of phones. Rather than shipping them at discounted prices with advertisements on their lock screens, Amazon would simply kick the price of all phones up by $20 and remove these ads from each and every device. The move was received with mostly open arms, but there was one question that remained to be answered.


Prior to this change, customers that bought Prime Exclusive Phones had the option of removing the lock screen ads by paying a one-time fee of $45. It was a nice alternative at the time, but anyone that did this could feel cheated out seeing as how all phones ship ad-free now. Thankfully, Amazon will be crediting these customers soon.

If you purchased an Amazon Prime Exclusive phone and paid for the removal of their lock screen ads, you should be receiving an email from Amazon anytime now saying that you’ll get a refund for the full $45 amount in the form of an Amazon gift card. This will be applied directly to your account, and you should see the credit arrive within 2-3 days of receiving said email.

I imagine some folks would prefer the option of being credited with cash, but I also can’t see anyone complaining about an extra $45 to blow on Amazon.

Amazon is getting rid of lock screen ads from its Prime Exclusive phones

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