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February 9, 2018

The Moto Z2 Force display isn’t cracking or shattering, it’s reportedly peeling

by John_A

When Motorola’s Moto Z2 Force launched last summer, one of its highlighted features was its proprietary “Shattershield” technology used on the display — which the company claims is guaranteed not to crack or shatter for four years. But owners of the Moto Z2 Force have been reporting the Shattershield is reportedly peeling off.

According to some, the Shattershield is peeling particularly around the fingerprint button and the corners of the screen — which you can see from the photos below by PiunikaWeb. While a reasoning behind this issue hasn’t been confirmed, it could possibly be due to the heat produced when charging the phone. If there’s a Moto Mod attached as well, the heat could be causing the top layer of the screen to curl up within the corners and other spots on the device.

Users have been taking to Motorola’s forum to report this exact issue since as early as to October, but more complaints are still appearing this month. Even though the top layer is meant to act as a permanent screen protector, it’s still designed to be replaced. In response to the issue, Motorola is charging its customers $49 for the repair.

A peeling Shattershield isn’t the only problem with the Moto Z2 Force display. While the company assures its “five-layer protection system” protects your device from ultimate damage, this doesn’t apply to scratches and cracks.

We were able to test the Moto Z2 Force in August and experienced the issue during our first day of testing. We had yet to even drop the phone, but found two visible scratches on the top of the screen while leaving it in our pocket.

In response to this particular problem, a Motorola spokesperson told Digital Trends that, “ShatterShieled addresses the top consumer pain point of cracked and shattered screens and we have seen overwhelming consumer response in favor of this product innovation. Like past generations, the structure does not contain glass and we encourage screen protector usage to guard against scratches. Moto Z2 Force Edition is as durable as the last generation with a more seamless integration of the top layer/liner.”

While the company hasn’t released an official statement regarding its screen shield adhesive peeling off, its solution to charge customers for a replacement has sparked anger among owners of the device. The Moto Z2 Force’s display and lens are protected in a four-year warranty and since it’s been out for less than a year, most users would like for the company to replace the Shattershield for free.

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