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February 8, 2018

This year’s 157 new emojis include kangaroos, toilet paper, feet, and more

by John_A

2018 is the year of red-headed emojis.

Although they’re easy to make fun of, emojis have quickly become a standard addition to text-based communication. They’re something I use every single day when talking to both friends and work colleagues, and in 2018, the world will be graced (or cursed) with 157 more of them.

The new emojis for 2018 are part of Emoji 11.0, and they’ll be released with Unicode 11.0 this June. I won’t go through every single one, but some of the highlights include a freezing and party smiley face, superheroes, raccoon, swan, kangaroo, lettuce, toilet paper, cupcake, and plenty more.

However, perhaps the most important addition is that of red-haired emojis.

You can browse the full list of Emoji 11.0 here, and similar to past releases, the new emoji should start arriving on phones in August and September.

What’s your favorite emoji in the 11.0 release? Let me know in the comments below ⬇️😄👩‍💻🐶🍕🌮💰

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