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February 6, 2018

How to add music to Instagram videos

by John_A

It’s 2018, and if you’re anything like us, you spend half your time recording shaky home videos on your smartphone and the other half sharing them via Instagram. But what if in the video you took of your dogs happily frolicking at your recent family barbecue you can hear your Uncle Jim loudly talking about his last social escapade or doomed new business venture? You want your friends to see how much fun Spot and Kona are having, but you don’t want them to get the skinny on the latest family drama. What do you do?

Well, you could simply mute the video so that it makes no sound at all — Instagram makes this easy to do. However, we’ve found a better answer that doesn’t lead to 15 seconds of silence. There are a few mobile apps specifically built to take any video you’ve recorded on your phone and merge it with an audio file to create a work of art that’ll have people double-tapping on your post all day long (and maybe tapping their feet, too). Want to record your weekly toenail clipping session, set it to the dulcet tones of Marvin Gaye, and share it for all the world to see? Look no further! (The internet has seen stranger things, we suppose.) These apps will let you easily lay down a music track to any video, adding a finished touch to your Instagram videos to make the stand out from the crowd.

Note: Most of these apps only allow you to use audio recordings or music files that are saved to your device. So if you exclusively use streaming apps, considering finding a few music files first. 

VidLab (free)

VidLab is a versatile, tool-laden editing app that can do just about anything you ask of it. Want to add text to a video? Done. Instagram filters not good enough? VidLab has its own set you can apply. The app allows you to choose any audio file from your device to cut and lay over your video, as well as a suite of in-app sound effects. You can also choose to record original audio on the spot. The app even includes an option that lets you search iTunes or Google Play for audio files, where you can purchase any ones you want to use. The main drawback of the app is you have to shell out a few bucks if you want to remove the VidLab watermark from your videos or add extra affects or fonts, but it has to make money somehow, right?

Download now from:

iTunes Google Play

Videoshop ($2)

Videoshop (it’s like Photoshop, but for video — get it?) brings all the same tricks to the table as the aforementioned VidLab, plus a few of its own. It’s currently free on Google Play, but costs you $2 on the Apple App Store. However, that $2 buys you a powerful editing app that supports 1080p video. You can also flip videos horizontally, combine multiple clips into one, add animated transitions from clip to clip, and make Vine-esque stop motion videos. You can also create copies of videos and edit each clip individually, and the app includes dozens of filters and text overlays that allow for ample customization. It’s compatible with iOS 8.2 and later, and Android version 4.3+.

Download now from:

iTunes Google Play

Flipgram (free)

Flipgram is a full-fledged video editor that sets itself apart by being more than just an app — it’s a creative community! You can find inspiring content from other creators within the app and share your own videos to inspire others! But even if you’d prefer not to interact within its bespoke social space, Flipgram still allows you to share to Instagram and your other social media. It also features a built-in music library, making it easier to access your favorite tracks. In addition to adding music, you can stitch together multiple video clips, add still photos, overlay text, and more!

Download now from: 

iTunes Google Play

Background Music for Video (free)

If you’re not interested in trawling through the numerous editing tools available with the previous apps, or if you simply prefer a gimmick-free experience, take a look at Background Music For Video. No, it doesn’t have a catchy name. No, it doesn’t have a sexy interface. But it will get the job done, and it’s a great choice for users who just want to quickly add some music to a video without stopping to smell the roses. Just pick your video, pick your audio file, and set the start and stop parameters. You’ll be all set to upload your new artwork to your Insta profile in no time.

Download now from: 


Quik by GoPro (free)

GoPro revolutionized the world of action video, and now the company is looking to revolutionize the world of mobile video editing. Quik will automatically create stories from your pictures and videos (both those shot with your phone and with a GoPro camera, if you have one), add filters and music, and add one of several unique video edits — like stop-motion or “slice,” which cuts the screen in half and plays the video one side at a time — to create a masterpiece. Though this may sound over the top, the app allows you to change any of the video’s properties, giving you full control over the look of your video.

You can also choose music from your own library, or from the app’s vast selection of songs. You can select or deselect pictures and clips you want to include as well, and choose which after-effects you’d like to apply. So, if you just want to add some tunes to a quick video of you cooking food, you can do that. Or, if you want to create a full collage of your recordings and pics from a recent ski trip in the Rockies, one replete with filters and effects, you can do that too.

Download now from: 

iTunes Google Play

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