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November 30, 2017

Google Home can now perform two actions with one command

by John_A

Currently available for all Google Home speakers, but not Assistant on phones.

There’s no shortage of things to do with Google Home, but if you want to ask your smart speaker multiple things at one time, the experience up until now has been pretty clunky. For example, checking the weather and getting an update on your commute to work would require two separate “Ok, Google” commands. It’s a process that worked but wasn’t very elegant.


Thankfully, that’s now changing.

“Ok, Google, turn off the bedroom lights and turn on the coffee pot.”

Initially spotted by CNET, Google Home speakers now allow you to issue multiple commands at one time. Instead of having to say two commands for the above situation, you can say “Ok, Google, what’s the weather and what’s the traffic to work look like?” to get that information read to you back-to-back.

Another use case for this, and one that I know I’m rather excited about, is being able to turn on two smart home gadgets (such as light bulbs and switches) in one breath. Far too often I’ll have to say two “Ok, Google” commands to turn on certain things when I get home, so having something like this will be a nice treat.

This functionality appears to be limited to Google Home speakers for the time being, meaning that it won’t work with Google Assistant on your phone. Furthermore, while two actions with one command work just fine, you can’t string together three or more.

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