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November 30, 2017

Apple hits Qualcomm with countersuit for infringing on battery patents

by John_A

Will this ever end?

The Qualcomm and Apple feud is one that’s been taking place since this summer, and for those that are just now learning about it or need a quick refresher, here’s what’s taken place so far:

  • In January of this year, Apple sued Qualcomm for a total of $1 billion as a result of unpaid royalty rebates
  • Throughout the beginning of the year and most of the summer, hits against Qualcomm kept on coming
  • Apple won two of its patent rulings against Qualcomm in September – a sizable win in the fight
  • About a month later, Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple with the intent to stop the company from selling and manufacturing iPhones in China

Which brings us to today, November 29, 2017.


According to Reuters, Apple is now filing a counter lawsuit against Qualcomm with the claim that the chip-manufacturer infringed on eight different battery patents that it owns.

The patents in question are for battery tech that allows phones to get as much battery life as possible throughout the day, accomplished by having the processor draw only the necessary amount of power and turning off certain components of when they’re not needed.

In its countersuit, Apple states that Qualcomm used this technology with its Snapdragon 800 and 820 processors inside of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd devices and Alphabet’s Google Pixel phones without the permission from the company.

What takes place from here remains to be seen. Qualcomm rejected a deal to be bought out by Broadcom earlier this month, but then we got word that the company would be willing to reconsider if Broadcom ponied up more cash. Whatever happens next, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Where did all of this Qualcomm hate come from?

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