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November 30, 2017

Apple Accessories You’ll Need for the Brand New iPhone X

by John_A

Many would have loved to see their brand new iPhone X under the Christmas tree. They were probably disappointed when they found out that pre-orders for Apple’s 10th-anniversary handset will only begin on October 27th, with deliveries starting in November. Still, owning such a device is surely an attractive idea for many – and many have probably emptied their piggy banks to gather the necessary cash to lay their hands on one. After all, the new iPhone is not only capable to run All Jackpots casino games compatible with all the mobile devices but will probably outperform every handset that’s currently on the market.

There is one thing every Apple fan should know about the upcoming iPhone X, though – to use some of its new features, they will have to reach deeper into their pockets. Here are the accessories they will need to get.

Wireless charging

This year, Apple has finally given in to the numerous requests from its fans and released a handset with wireless charging capabilities. And it has also showcased the accessory to charge its devices wirelessly in the best way possible: the upcoming AirPower charging mat can handle multiple devices, perhaps even at once.

While most wireless chargers are designed to handle a single device at a time (mophie’s and Belkin’s devices listed at the Apple website can certainly only do that), Apple’s own AirPower will be capable of handling more than one Apple devices at the same time – basically, any combination of an iPhone, a pair of AirBuds, and an Apple Watch. Apple has even revealed that it is working with the Wireless Power Consortium to incorporate this new feature in the Qi standard.

The AirPower charging mat will be released sometime in the next year, with a rumored price tag of around $160.

Fast charging

Both Apple iPhone 8 handsets, as well as the iPhone X, support fast-charging – meaning that they will be able to charge to 50% in as little as 30 minutes. To use this feature, though, users will have to have a USB-C charger, like the ones delivered with some MacBooks and the MacBook Air. The Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter can already be purchased at the Apple webshop for a friendly price of $49.


A special handset deserves a special case, too. And Apple has one for its iPhone X users – the iPhone X Leather Folio, the first folio case ever released by the Cupertino giant. The case has a leather exterior and a microfibre interior, it comes with two pockets (even though the cards people usually put in them are slowly getting obsolete), and is available in four colors: Cosmos Blue, Taupe, Black, and Berry.

The case will wake up the iPhone X once it’s opened and will send it to sleep mode when it’s closed. The case is an iPhone X exclusive, and can be purchased for $99.

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