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November 28, 2017

Echo Spot sold out until 2018, and other Amazon turkey tidbits

by John_A


You knew Amazon would sell a lot of Echo and Fire TV devices, right? But did you expect this many?

Amazon sold a boatload of things over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, which should come as no surprise to anyone. It especially sold a ton of its own products. And while the company (per usual) didn’t give any real specifics in terms of numbers, it did announce a few interesting tidbits in a morning press release.

To wit:

  • The Echo Spot — the tiny, bedside clock-radio-looking version of the Echo, with a small display — is sold out. And new orders won’t be delivered until 2018. (The Echo Spot is set for release on Dec. 19.)

  • Amazon sold 2.7 times as many Fire TV Sticks this year as it did during the same period last year. It’s not the one I’d recommend — that’d be the Fire TV Dongle — but it’s also just $39. Hard to blame folks for that.

  • Along with Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot (which is bundled with the Fire TV Stick for just $60) sold more than any other product in any category.

  • The most popular named timer for Alexa on Thanksgiving Day was “turkey,” followed by “stuffing,” “potato,” “pie,” and “start a timer to see how long it takes Uncle Steve to get hammered and start talking crazy conspiracy politics.”

I might have made that last part up.

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