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November 14, 2017

Misfit Vapor not coming to Amazon until December

by John_A

Orders that have already been placed will be fulfilled, but not as fast as you might like.

Android Wear watches are rather difficult to recommend to most folks at the moment, but one that hopes to change this is the Misfit Vapor. Misfit first announced the Vapor at CES this past January, but between delayed release dates and accidental listings on Amazon, the leadup to its launch hasn’t been all that smooth.


Misfit launched the Vapor on its own site on October 31, but since then, something strange has happened. The Misfit Vapor was previously listed on Amazon, but it has since been taken down with no way to access the page. Along with being irritating to those that were eager to purchase the watch through Amazon, it also posed as a concern for those that had managed to order the watch through the online retailer.

One user on Twitter reached out to Misfit to see what was going on, and the company responded with the following message:

We will be shipping Vapors to Amazon in December. However, we cannot confirm when exactly they will be able to fulfill your order.

— Misfit (@Misfit) November 6, 2017

What exactly does this mean?

Amazon will likely allow buyers to purchase the Vapor at some point next month, but this doesn’t necessarily mean those that already submitted orders will get their units shipped out by then. It take some time for Amazon to receive a product, process it, and then get it shipped out, so early buyers could be faced with a month or longer delay before actually getting their hands on the Vapor.

Misfit Vapor will finally be released on October 31 for $199

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