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November 10, 2017

Beoplay M3 is the cheapest in-home B&O Play speaker yet at $299

by John_A

A well-rounded offering of premium design and high-quality sound.

If you’re a fan of really high-quality speakers, chances are you’re familiar with the B&O Play brand. B&O Play was created as a way for Bang & Olufsen to sell speakers to consumers that were still premium but didn’t cost $40,000, and the new Beoplay M3 is the cheapest in-home speaker from the company that we’ve seen yet.


The M3 features a price tag of $299, and while that might still sound like a lot to some people, it’s a lot more affordable than the M5 and its $599 cost.

At first glance, the M3 looks really nice. The cylindrical design with a flat top/bottom and fabric or metal speaker grill on the front all come together to create for a speaker that should fit in nicely with any decor, and this point is further reinforced with the subdued Natural and Black color options.

As for the audio tech packed inside the M3, you’ll get a 3.75-inch subwoofer, 0.75-inch tweeter, and front-facing directional speakers. That’s not nearly as powerful or impressive as the M5’s 5-inch woofer, three 0.75-inch tweeters, and 360-degree sound output, but for $300 less, you’ve got to expect some downgrades.


Despite the M3’s lower price, it still supports Chromecast built-in, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and B&O Play’s Beoplay Multiroom system. You can also control the M3 using the Beoplay app, but you unfortunately won’t find Spotify Connect here.

The M3 starts out at $299, but you can go up to $358 and $368 depending on which cover you choose.

See at B&O Play

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