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November 10, 2017

Amazon is opening pop-up stores in Whole Foods for the holidays

by John_A

This holiday season, you could step into a Whole Foods for some organic bananas and step out with a couple of Echo speakers instead. Amazon is already selling “farm fresh” Kindles, Echos, Fire TVs and tablets in 100 Whole Foods locations, but it’s taking things a step further for holidays this year. It’s opening pop-up shops in five Whole Foods stores across the US, which will do more than just peddle the e-retail giant’s devices.

The pop-up shops will be manned by Amazon employees, who can tell you more about Prime and Prime video exclusives. You’ll also be able to test Amazon’s devices before shelling out money for any of them. These pop-ups will be available in a limited number of locations, though, and while that might have been Amazon’s plan, the company might not be able to open them in all Whole Foods locations anyway.

The supermarket chain has been facing pushback from fellow mall tenants ever since Amazon acquired it. Amazon’s rival retailers apparently blocked the placement of Lockers inside the supermarkets and, in at least one case, forced Whole Foods to limit its Echo display to 250 square feet of space.

If you want to visit an Amazon pop-up, check out the Whole Foods in Chicago, Illinois or Rochester Hills, Michigan by November 13th. The ones in Davie, Florida and Pasadena, California will go up on November 14th, while the one in Denver, Colorado’s new Union Station store will open on November 15th. In case you do end up buying an Amazon device, make sure to try Alexa’s new commands for the holidays. You can ask the assistant for Thanksgiving recipes, to add new entries to your gift list or even to tell a holiday joke in case you run out of them in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.

Source: Amazon

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