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November 8, 2017

T-Mobile’s Nest plan includes Nest Secure and Cam Indoor for $480

by John_A

T-Mobile’s partnering with Nest to offer some impressive savings.

Nest is one of the biggest names when it comes to smart home security systems, but as awesome as the company’s products and services are, the costs can add up rather quickly if you want to take advantage of everything that Nest has to offer. T-Mobile recently announced that it’s partnering with Nest to be the exclusive cellular backup provider for the Nest Secure, and along with this, T-Mobile subscribers can score some hefty savings on Nest’s security offerings.


T-Mobile’s Nest Security Pack will officially be launching on November 10, and when purchased with T-Mobile’s Nest Plan that includes access to Nest Aware for just $10/month after a $5 bill credit, customers will be able to purchase a Nest Secure starter pack and Nest Cam Indoor for only $240 down and then $10/month for a total cost of $480.

That’s still a fair amount of cash to spend, but when you consider that the Nest Secure and Cam Indoor regularly cost $698 when purchased together, you’re looking at a really solid deal.


For that price, the Nest Secure comes with the Nest Guard base with keypad, a motion detector, and an alarm with a cellular backup service. You’ll get two Nest Detect motion and open/close sensors to place around your home, as well as two Nest Tag key fobs. As for the Nest Cam Indoor, T-Mobile’s Nest Plan includes Nest Aware so you can have access to intelligent security alerts and a backup for 10 days of constant video recording.

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