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November 5, 2017

Your weekend comments are slow and easy

by John_A

The best 48 hours of the week, every week.

Another weekend is here, and this time of the year means an outdoors weekend for some and a weekend by the fireplace for others. Here in DC area this one will be glorious and could be the last glorious one for a while. That means making the most out of it!

I’ll probably just sit around and do a lot of nothing while my wife does some early holiday shopping; Hanukkah and Christmas are closing in and both can be a pretty big deal around my house. And since I mostly suck at shopping for, well, anything I get to stay home and babysit the dogs. Not complaining, not even one little bit.


Of course, the big holiday spending spree is yet to come and there’s always a chance I’ll get drafted to be chauffeur and doorman and anything else that doesn’t involve gift decisions except for my dad, who wants a pair of headers for his El Camino. I totally have that one under control.

One thing that’s not on anyone’s list this year is a new phone. Everyone in the family is set for a while and while the new iPhone X is one I want some time with, I’m still not into the prices new phones have attached to them. $1,000 buys like five sets of headers for pop’s 396 and won’t be nearly as fun to use once set up. Vroom vroom.

Hopefully, your weekend is nice and relaxed or exciting and hectic — whichever way you like it. Take a few and share what’s going on with you this weekend!

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