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October 13, 2017

Hulu on Android TV now supports Google Assistant voice commands

by John_A

Google Assistant support on Hulu for Android TV allows for a lot of new voice controls, but where the heck is the new UI and live TV?


Hulu is a fantastic streaming service, and Android TV is a great platform for media consumption. Unfortunately, the two haven’t been known to play nicely with one another. Hulu has been notoriously slow in the past when it comes to updating its Android TV app with new and current features, so it’s refreshing to see an update for Google Assistant support already being pushed out.


Google Assistant just launched on Android TV late last month, and although the platform already supported voice controls, the introduction of Google Assitant brought the voice functionality more up to par with the Assistant voice controls that you have on your phone, Google Home, etc.

You can use Assistant to pause shows, fast-forward, rewind, etc.

With this latest Hulu update, you can now use Google Assistant on your Android TV for playing/pausing video playback, rewinding/fast-forwarding, and skipping shows in a playlist. It’s not ground-breaking by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s an update that’s definitely appreciated.

The update will change the version number of Hulu for Android TV to 2.1.3, and it officially started rolling out on October 11. Unfortunately, we’re still stuck with the same general app design and no date in sight as to when the Hulu Android TV app will receive the major UI overhaul and live TV support that most of Hulu’s other platforms have already received.

Sigh 😞

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