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October 12, 2017

Pizza Hut’s ‘Pizza Parka’ includes a smartphone pouch for super-quick ordering

by John_A

Why it matters to you

If your wardrobe seems incomplete without the “Pizza Parka,” then you’d better hurry and enter the prize draw.

Pizza Hut has just launched a “Pizza Parka”, which, despite it having a pouch for your smartphone that lets you place an order in a couple of taps, you probably won’t want to wear.

That’s because it’s a little on the gaudy side, and contains enough branding to ensure you’d have to field questions from total strangers about Pizza Hut’s menu as well as other aspects of its business if you wore it out and about.

The pizza company is using the wacky jacket to highlight the launch of its latest “pizza delivery system,” which can also be accurately described as a “bag.”

Using the same material to keep your pizza nice and toasty, the new jacket features “heat-lovers’ advanced triple-layer insulation with 3M Thinsulate material [and a] weatherproof outer crust with oven-hot sealed seams.” Far from keeping you warm, it sounds like the Pizza Parka might actually leave you sweating like a pig in a sauna.

Our new delivery pouch is so good at keeping pizza oven-hot, we’ve found a way to share the warmth.

— Pizza Hut (@pizzahut) October 9, 2017

For true pizza fans, the most appealing feature will be the “easy-ordering window” in the parka’s left sleeve, where you can put your smartphone. The pocket’s easy access lets you place an order in a matter of seconds, while its clear window lets you track the delivery of the pizza all the way to your drooling mouth. There’s even an inside pocket shaped like a pizza slice, though the video’s narrator helpfully points out that it “isn’t really meant for pizza.”

The parka is a limited edition effort, which seems wise as you really wouldn’t want to make too many of these.

Pizza Hut is offloading the parkas via a prize draw that you’ll be entered in — whether you like it or not — when you place an order via its website between now and the end of October, which, if you didn’t already know, happens to be National Pizza Month

Alternatively, if you’d like to win the jacket for a friend or possibly foe, you can also enter the draw by tweeting the pizza slice and flame emoji to Pizza Hut’s Twitter account.

This isn’t the first time the company has used clothing to put its business in the spotlight. Earlier this year it unveiled Pie Tops, special sneakers with a button in the tongue that, when pressed, sends an order straight to Pizza Hut for your favorite cheesy snack.

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