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October 12, 2017

EyeEm update streamlines the task of getting model releases for stock photos

by John_A

Why it matters to you

Selling multiple images with the same model just got a bit simpler.

Sending out model releases is one of the more mundane tasks photographers have on their to-do lists, but now stock photography company EyeEm is making the task simpler with a new multiple release form. The update, announced on Tuesday, October 10, allows photographers (and models) to save time by sending and signing only one EyeEm model release for multiple photos.

Stock images with identifiable people require a model release, something that’s true across most stock photography platforms. Previously, EyeEm stock photographers would have to send out a new release for every photograph, even when uploading a gallery of images with the same model in several images.

Now the multiple release feature allows photographers to send out one form for all those photos — and the model only has to sign once. The feature works by going into the “to Dos” on the notification panel and accessing photos that are waiting for a model release. Clicking the multiple release option allows the photographer to select all of the images with the same person, fill out the information, then send the link to the model for approval once for multiple images.

The photographer will receive a confirmation when the paperwork is complete and the images are listed for sale.

EyeEm says that they are also working on adding back an old feature that allowed photographers to upload PDF versions of model releases instead of using the platform’s electronic service. The company says the feature is coming in the next several days. The model release service already includes the ability to request the signature across multiple messaging platforms in app or by copying and pasting the link on the web.

“We’re hoping that multi-releases will free up lots of your time so that you can go out and shoot more pictures,” EyeEm’s announcement reads.

EyeEm is both a stock photography and social app for photographers. Along with electronic model releases, the platform offers features like artificial intelligence to help choose the best shots and automatically tag photos. The platform also licenses images through Adobe Stock. EyeEm is also the company behind The Roll, an app that tags and rates each photo on the iOS camera roll.

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