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September 30, 2017

Recommended Reading: Streaming is changing the sound of music

by John_A

Uncovering How Streaming Is Changing the Sound of Pop
Marc Hogan,

You don’t have to look far to find evidence of how streaming services have dramatically changed the way we listen to music. But it’s not just the consumption that’s been affected, it’s the creation too. Pitchfork takes a look at how services like Spotify have impacted music trends and why things like globalization, collaborations and slower tempos have taken over the pop sound.

When Should a Prestige TV Show End?
Alison Herman, The Ringer

No matter how good a TV show is, it will inevitably run out of steam. The Ringer tackles the question of when even the good ones should pull the plug.

James Cameron Sounds the Alarm on Artificial Intelligence and Unveils a ‘Terminator’ for the 21st Century
Matthew Belloni and Borys Kit,
The Hollywood Reporter

Terminator is coming back. James Cameron and Tim Miller chat about the reboot with THR.

The Fans Who Won’t Let ‘Mega Man’ Die
Salvatore Pane, Kotaku

Kotaku takes a look at the superfans who are keeping Mega Man alive despite Capcom’s lack of interest.

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