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September 18, 2017

Yamaha YAS-706 soundbar setup and unboxing: Turn a TV room into a soundstage

by John_A

Usually, soundbars are a great way to boost your TV’s audio performance without throwing down too much dough. Yamaha’s YAS-706, at nearly $1,000, requires a significantly larger investment than most sound bars, but in return your living room will become a virtual cornucopia of sound, projecting explosions, and orchestral scores into a massive, three-dimensional soundstage.

With great power, though, comes great responsibility. In this particular case, that responsibility includes removing the soundbar from its packaging and getting it properly set up, so you can fully enjoy its rich sound. Luckily, we’re here to help. Our Yamaha YAS-706 soundbar setup and unboxing guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you get the best possible performance from your pricey new speaker.

What’s in the box?

Apart from the soundbar and accompanying wireless subwoofer, we found the following boxed up:

  • Product literature (warranty, quick start guide, MusicCast information)
  • A CD-ROM manual
  • Optical cable for digital connection
  • Wall mount template
  • Wall mount spacers
  • Remote with batteries.

There are no other included cables — no auxiliary, no HDMI. The power supply is built in. Also, if you want to mount the soundbar, you need to pick up wall anchors and screws at a hardware store.

Hardware setup

If you decide to mount your YAS-706 to the wall, you will find built-in keyholes along the back (where the inputs are located). Speaking of inputs, the soundbar’s got tons: Three HDMI ports (one ARC-enabled), optical, ethernet, coaxial, a subwoofer jack (in case you need a second sub), and a USB port for firmware updates.

Plug the power in first, then decide what kind of cable you will be using to connect with your television. If your TV has an HDMI ARC port (and if you have an HDMI cable to spare), connect that way. If not, optical is probably your best bet. Once the soundbar is powered on, go ahead and plug in the subwoofer — they will automatically pair, no cords necessary.

Features and design

Because the YAS-706 is built with wall placement in mind, it has speakers across both the nominal top and the face. Whether you sit it in front of a TV or hang it on the wall, both these speakers will be exposed.

There are onboard button controls, but you will likely be using the remote control most of the time, which is why the soundbar is equipped with an IR repeater running all the way across its rear. That way, you can place it in front of a TV without worrying about blocked signals, as it will bounce the signal through to the TV’s receiver. The remote has a button for pretty much every function you could dream of.

Software setup

Once everything is connected, you will want to optimize your TV for use with the soundbar. Head into the audio settings, and make sure “audio out” is set to optical/HDMI ARC. Then, set “digital sound out” to auto (or digital; you don’t need to select PCM here).

We also recommend getting your hands on the MusicCast mobile app, which gives you loads of control options and support for several popular streaming services. Once downloaded, tap “setup,” and you will be walked through a quick process.

That’s it! Enjoy your new soundbar.

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