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September 17, 2017

Cover up with the best iPhone 8 Plus screen protectors

by John_A

A fusion of the best technology Apple has to offer, and some of the best looks in the industry — the iPhone 8 Plus is a great choice if you’re looking to upgrade your daily driver. But that 5.5-inch screen comes with a downside — you’ll spend a lot of time worrying about your display getting smashed. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but who wants to worry about something they can avoid?

A screen protector will undoubtedly help, but which do you choose? Tempered glass or film? Wet application or dry? Which of the many brands do I choose from? Thankfully for you, we’ve gathered some of the best iPhone 8 Plus screen protectors that you can buy right now. If you haven’t yet ordered your device, check out our guide to buying the iPhone 8 Plus.

Spigen Steinheil Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Twin Pack ($8)

Spigen’s tempered glass screen protectors have always been at the front of the pack where quality is concerned. Fully case compatible, with edges that fall short of the edges of the device, the Steinheil is tough enough to resist scratches from keys, coins, and likely anything you have knocking around in your pocket. It’s also easy to install. As usual, Spigen has gone for a dry installation method, and the included materials and wings on the sides of the protector make it easy to apply without issues. But if you do mess up — there’s two in the pack, and they’re backed up by Spigen’s free replacement policy.

Buy one now from:


Zagg InvisibleShield HDX Film Screen Protector ($25)

Our first film screen protector, and it’s a doozy. Zagg boasts that this protector is virtually indestructible, and makes your iPhone’s screen up to 3 times stronger than before, offering military grade protection and self-healing qualities. While we can’t say whether those claims are valid, we can certainly back up the quality of Zagg’s design — and even if one lets you down, these are backed up by Zagg’s replacement policy.

Buy one now from:


Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($44)

On the more expensive end, the Whitestone Dome enters the arena with everything to prove. But there is a reason for the high price — the Whitestone Dome uses a new wet application method that puts a layer of adhesive between the screen protector and the phone, reducing any loss of screen sensitivity and achieving a great fit. When in place, the UV lamp goes over your phone, curing the adhesive, ensuring a strong connection between the two layers and making sure you’re getting the best protection available. Be warned — it can be a touch fiddly to install, even for a screen protector — but if you’re willing to pay the price and take your chances, you’ll get screen protection like no other.

Buy one now from:

Mobile Fun

Otterbox Alpha Glass Screen Protector ($19)

Otterbox is known for their exceptionally protective cases, and that exceptionalism also applies to their screen protectors (we even chose the Alpha Glass as the best screen protector for the iPhone 7 Plus). The Alpha Glass is a blend of polyester and glass that resists scratches and shattering on a whole new level. Otterbox has worked hard to make sure you’ll be able to apply and forget, so this protector is ultra-thin and ultra-clear, with no loss of sensitivity.

Buy one now from:

Amazon Otterbox

Supershieldz Film Screen Protector – Six Pack ($6)

Why have one or two when you can have six? SuperShieldz may not have the superstar branding that Spigen, Otterbox, and Zagg can boast — but it’s hard to deny that their products offer great value for money, and great screen protection to boot. A five layer design works hard to provide a bubble-free application that provides flawless touchscreen accuracy. A special coating also reduces glare on the screen while outside, and protects well against all the usual phone-scratching suspects. And if they don’t hold the test of time — who cares? Slap another on and call it a day. With a six-pack, you’ve got screen protection for all your iPhone 8 Plus-owning friends as well.

Buy one now from:

Amazon SuperShieldz

BodyGuardz Pure® 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector ($14)

Another rising star in cell phone accessories, BodyGuardz has made a name for themselves in screen protection in particular. Thanks to their use of a new type of glass called “Aluminosilicate”, BodyGuardz promises that the Pure® 2 is able to more protective than rivals, yet somehow thinner. All we know is this screen protector does the business, and doesn’t disappoint in terms of screen sensitivity and clarity. If you’re the sort of person who struggles with the application process, then BodyGuardz has your back with their patented Express Align tray to help you ease your protector onto your phone.

Buy one now from:

Amazon BodyGuardz

Moshi AirFoil Glass ($40)

We’ve left one of the best for last. Moshi’s AirFoil screen protector offers fantastic shock and scratch-resistance, as well as a thinness of only 0.33m. Thanks to the “atomically-strengthened glass” used, Moshi’s AirFoil is capable of taking stresses and bends like no other screen protector. While we’re sure we won’t see a return to bendy iPhones, it’s nice to know the strength of your protector. Thanks to Moshi’s special AirFoil adhesive, applying it is easy, with it only taking a single tap to spread the adhesive and leave no bubbles.

Buy one now from:


Still not sure about which of Apple’s latest to pick up? We’ve got your back with our breakdown of how the iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus, and you can find our hands-on review of the iPhone 8 and Plus too. If the prices of the newest devices have made you balk — and you’re not alone — don’t worry, Apple has slashed the prices on their older, but still great iPhones.

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