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September 16, 2017

LG E7 OLED TV unboxing and setup: Get this 4K TV performing for you

by John_A

The LG E7 OLED TV is a 4K HDR TV that does just about everything and has the best picture quality on the market. To top things off, it is also easy to unbox and set up. In this video, we take a look at the LG E7 OLED TV unboxing and setup to show you exactly what to expect when you get your new TV.

Unboxing Tips and Cautions

Looking at the top of the box can make the unboxing of the LG E7 OLED TV seem confusing, but the diagram can also be quite helpful. The instructions tell you to take the lid off the box, insert foam, and use that as a support structure for the TV while you’re mounting the stand on the TV. If you follow the pictured directions step by step, you will have a much easier time mounting the stand.

What’s in the box

  • Product and set up literature.
  • Break out cables.
  • 2 Batteries.
  • Magic motion remote.
  • 4 screws.
  • Stand.
  • Decorative piece.
  • Cord organizer.

One of the great things that LG does with the packaging of this TV is put everything, except the stand, in an accessory box. This makes it really easy to find all the small pieces, such as screws and batteries, that you need to assemble your TV.

Items that aren’t included

Several items are not included with the TV. You will need to buy HDMI cables to connect your TV to other devices. The easiest way to ensure you have HDMI cables is to buy the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI cables at the same time you buy your TV. If you do not buy the AmazonBasics HDMI cable, make sure that the HDMI cables are rated as “high speed” cables so they can accommodate the large amount of data 4K HDR content requires.

Additionally, the TV does not come with any wall mounting hardware. For information about wall mounting check out our wall mounting guide video.

Set up TV

To put the TV together, lay it on its front with the back exposed. Then slide the stand into the bottom of the TV and secure it in place with four screws. After the stand is secure, cover the screws with the decorative piece that snaps into place. There will be a small square that extends from the center of the decorative piece, that is where you put the small black cord organizer – it also snaps into place.

Looking at the back of the TV, you will see that the power cord is hard-wired in the bottom left corner. All you have to do is plug the cord into the wall. Moving over to the right-hand side, you will see where all of the connections go. The side bay has two HDMI inputs, one ARC HDMI input (for easy connection to a sound bar), and one USB input. The rear-facing bay has one HDMI input, two USB inputs, one digital optical output, an Ethernet connection, and one input for break-out cables.

Design Features

If you are looking at your TV from the side you might have a hard time seeing it. That is because it is about as thick as an iPhone at the top. It does get wider, to about 2.4 inches, toward the bottom where the hardware is stored. Because the TV is so thin, it would look great mounted on the wall. For more information about mounting a TV check out this article.

The screen for the LG E7 OLED TV is what makes this TV stand out from other LG OLED TVs. This is because the OLED panel is fitted to a solid sheet of glass. The resulting impression is that there is a see-through bezel all around the black screen where the glass extends.

The second thing that makes this OLED TV stand out is the grille at the bottom of the screen. This grille hides a series of speakers and acts as a built-in sound bar. As a result of this addition, you will get clearer and bigger sound, better stereo separation, and virtual surround sound.

The stand does not detract from the look of the TV at all. In fact, it is quite small when you compare it to the whole TV. At just 24 and 1/4 inches wide and eight inches deep, this silver stand makes it easy to place the TV on a small entertainment stand.

Set up the connections

When you first power on your TV, the LG WebOS Smart TV system takes you through a setup wizard. First the TV will scan for TV channels via the connected antenna or cable box. Then you will be asked to use your magic motion remote to connect the TV to your Wi-Fi router.

Adjusting settings

While you are still setting up your TV we suggest you adjust your settings. In regard to picture presets, we suggest selecting either expert bright room or expert dark room, depending on where you place the TV. For most TV users, the expert bright room will be preferred, unless you have a dedicated darkened home entertainment room. There are no presets for you to alter or turn off, as this setting is set up perfectly right out of the box. You can have a professional calibrator adjust the TV to get slightly better color, but for most people that is not necessary.

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