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September 7, 2017

Google adds US Latino art and culture to its online museum

by John_A

From US presidents to the history of fashion over the course of three millennia, Google Arts & Culture has been using the latest tech to showcase and preserve vital aspects of history and culture for everyone to enjoy, regardless of where you live. Now, they have announced its latest virtual collection: Celebrating Latino culture within the US.

You can explore virtual 69 exhibits and 2,500 pieces of art that showcase culture, art, and influential figures throughout the history of Latinos in the US. Gina Rodriguez discusses being a Latina role model and the importance of representation, while one exhibit takes you through almost 50 years of the cultural institution Ballet Hispánico. You can also explore Diego Rivera’s Detroit murals or take a look at efforts to document queer Latinx history. All in all, it’s a comprehensive look at the influence of Latino, Latina, and Latinx culture on the US and how our experiences are intertwined.

The timing and subject of this exhibit aren’t very surprising (though it must have been in the works for some time, considering how comprehensive it is). The president announced on Tuesday that he would be ending deportation protections for Dreamers, people who arrived in the US as children and are eligible for work permits. While not all Dreamers are from Latino backgrounds, many are. It’s important to consider the vital contributions they’ve made to our culture as well as understand their own experiences in the US. Google’s made it easier for all of us to do that.

Source: Google (1), Google (2)

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