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June 20, 2017

Vertu signs deal with TCL to produce line of super advanced, super expensive smartphones

by John_A

Vertu, the Paris-based, British phone manufacturer that specialises in super luxury, premium handsets, has signed a $40 million deal with TCL Communication, the company responsible for making BlackBerry devices.

  • Vertu Constellation is a luxury handmade smartphone with a 5.5-inch sapphire crystal display
  • Inside Vertu: Welcome to the world of luxury smartphones

It will be using advanced, innovative TCL technologies in a new line of phones. Each of the run of 30,000 will be handcrafted in the UK and cost upwards from £7,500 a pop.

Vertu was acquired by entrepreneur Hakan Uzan in mid-March of this year for £50 million, and the TCL deal is the first struck since his arrival. It should ensure Vertu phones are always as technology sound on the inside as they are opulent on the out.

Uzan hinted that the TCL partnership won’t be the last, either, saying that he plans to make many “considerable investments” in the future. He added: “TCL Communication is a valued partner of Vertu and we hope that this will be the start of a prosperous new chapter in our relationship”.

TCL is naturally pleased with the deal too, with Alain Lejeune, Senior Vice President saying: “Combining our advanced smartphone technology with Vertu’s superb craftsmanship and commitment to superior design and performance, it will help create an outstanding experience for its discerning customers”.

We can expect to see new products in the UK, France, China, Asia, Russia, Western Europe and the Middle East following the implementation of TCL tech around September this year.

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