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June 19, 2017

4 Tech Tools to Organize Your Greek Life Activities

by John_A

Life in a fraternity or sorority can be really fun, but it can also get hectic. After all, it’s not all games and parties. Being a member of a prestigious and historical organization comes with a lot of serious responsibilities as well, from recruiting new members and organizing study groups to supporting worthy causes and giving back to the school community.

The good thing is that technology these days has made work so much easier for school organizations. With help of smartphones and other smart devices, people can communicate with each other faster, create media more conveniently, and surf the Internet for information instantly.

Additionally, there are more and more innovative tech tools that further enhance productivity and encourage creativity in the way things are run in a fraternity or sorority. These apps and websites can help students get things done more quickly and efficiently, not to mention in a more fun and engaging manner.

In this article, we provide a list of some of the most important tech tools available today that fraternities and sororities should not fail to utilize. These tools can  certainly make your Greek life easier and more enjoyable:

Virtual Storage

Cloud or virtual drive storage is the first vital tech tool that any organization must set up. This is where they can store, organize, and backup important digital data. The Google Drive suite continues to be one of the most popular and well-used platforms for this, but there are many other options these days for data storage, collaborative file sharing, and other data organization functions. Be sure to look around, and try which one suits your organization’s needs best.  Also determine administrator and user roles carefully, and make sure that only the right individuals are given access to important or private data.

Group Communication Application

A group communication app is the next most useful tool for fraternities and sororities. More than letting its users rely on calling or texting each other on the phone, such an app takes communication to the next level by integrating a myriad of features all into one tool. These include a chat function, a calendar for events and activities, a poll function to determine the general preferences or consensus of the group on certain issues, and a photo album, where images can be stored, curated and shared with one another. Groups can even search for or interact with other groups and their members—it’s an exciting virtual meeting place for everyone.

Donation Platform

Donation platforms are proving to be an important tool for school organizations like fraternities and sororities because they help these groups organize fundraising activities, whether for personal causes or charity (GoFundMe), or for business ideas (Kickstarter). It also helps ensure transparency and accountability in money transactions. There is also something gratifying in seeing the money being pooled in slowly grow in amount day by day, encouraging more and more members to pitch in and achieve the financial goal.

Web Design Tools

There are a number of great layout and design template sites available these days that make it so much easier to come up with fun, relevant, and aesthetically appealing communications materials for your organization. There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from, be it for event invitations, posters, flyers, memes, Facebook covers, or slide presentations. Best of all, most of these basic designs tools are free of charge—no need to spend a lot of time and resources anymore when coming up with engaging collateral that look professionally done.

These days, it already seems unimaginable how school life would be without mobile phone and Internet technology. These fantastic tech tools are there for the taking, so be sure to make the most of them!

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