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June 16, 2017

LG G7: What’s the story so far?

by John_A

LG was one of the first to release a flagship smartphone in 2017 with the G6. It’s a great phone with plenty going for it including a brilliant camera, excellent display and all-screen design.

Nothing ever stands still in the tech world though, especially not when it comes to the star smartphones. Here we are rounding up everything we have heard so far about the LG G7. Stay tuned and keep checking back as there will no doubt be plenty of rumours over the next few months.

LG G7: Release date

  • LG G7 could have earlier launch date 
  • CES 2018 potential platform instead of MWC 2018

The LG G5 was announced at Mobile World Congress 2016, while the LG G6 was announced a year later at MWC 2017 and both were available to buy around April of the same year they were announced. An educated guess would therefore suggest the LG G7 will be announced during the Barcelona show at the end of February 2018 and go on sale around April 2018.

That might not be the case though. Reports from Korea have claimed the forthcoming flagship might appear a little earlier than expected in order to give the company more time to sell devices before competitor devices arrive, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Apparently the LG G7 is already in development and it could be announced at CES 2018, which takes place at the beginning of January in Las Vegas. We are a long way off from these dates though and plenty could change so don’t get too excited just yet.

LG G7: Design

  • Large screen, small footprint design expected to continue
  • Embedded fingerprint sensor?
  • Iris scanning?

The LG G6 brought with it a fabulous redesign compared to the modular misfire of the LG G5. Like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the G6 offers a large screen, minimal bezels and a premium, solid build.

We’d expect the LG G7 to follow in the G6’s footsteps. Naturally there will no doubt be a few tweaks here and there, but we suspect many of the same principals will be followed, including the large screen in a minimal footprint format. 

The G6 features a circular fingerprint sensor on the rear, along with a dual-camera setup and unlike the Samsung Galaxy S8, there is no iris scanner on the front. We wouldn’t be too surprised to see a fingerprint embedded into the display for the G7, something rumoured for the iPhone 8, and we’d also hope to see iris scanning capabilities included on the 2018 flagship too.

Iris scanning was rumoured for the the LG G6 but it never appeared, suggesting LG was perhaps considering it but it may not have been ready for the 2017 flagship.

LG G7: Display

  • Almost all-screen front expected again
  • Will LG move to AMOLED?
  • Aspect ratio expected to remain same

The display was one of the main focus areas of the LG G6 and rightly so as it is excellent. The 5.7-inch IPS LCD screen features an 18:9 aspect ratio, along with a Quad HD+ resolution at 2880 x 1440 pixels. It puts out a pixel density of 565ppi and it delivers accurate colours, sharp detail and good viewing angles. 

The LG G6 also supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, which will no doubt feature on the LG G7 too and probably be more useful next year as there will more than likely be more compatible content available from both Netflix and Amazon Video. 

Whether LG will increase the display size for the G7 remains unknown for now, though we wouldn’t be too surprised to see a bump in resolution and/or a switch to AMOLED in order to support Google’s Daydream VR.

As for the aspect ratio, that’s likely to stay the same too and although there is already plenty of compatible content available, including Netflix Original series, there will no doubt be more next year, making full use of the great display.

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LG G7: Camera

  • Dual-rear camera expected to remain
  • Improvements over G6 likely

The LG G6 features dual-lens rear cameras, as did the LG G5. The LG G6 improves on the G5’s camera and it delivers some excellent results. Both are 13-megapixel sensors, with one a standard lens and one wide-angle lens.

As the dual-camera setup has done so well for LG the last couple of years, we’d be surprised to see a move away from it, especially as more manufacturers jump on the bandwagon.

No doubt the LG G7 will deliver improvements over the LG G6 but at the moment, we don’t know what these will be.

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LG G7: Hardware

The LG G6 features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, rather than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset that can be found under most of 2017’s other flagship smartphones.

A report from Korea has claimed the LG G7 will offer the latest hardware from Qualcomm when it launches, which is reported to be the 7nm Snapdragon 845.

We also wouldn’t be surprised to see a bump in RAM, perhaps to 6GB and we’d expect at least 32GB of internal storage, if not 64GB, with microSD support for storage expansion.

LG has placed a big focus on audio capabilities over the last couple of years so we’d expect 2018 to be no different. We’d also expect a battery capacity of at least 3000mAh. The LG G6 has a 3300mAh cell under its hood.

LG G7: Software

The LG G7 is likely to launch on Android O with LG’s skin over the top. We already know about a couple of features coming with Android O, which you can read about in our separate feature, but we’ll learn about more when the software launches later this year. 

LG will no doubt take most of the Android O features and add a few of its own software tweaks to the LG G7. We’d expect the experience to be familiar for LG users though.

LG G7: Conclusion

Rumours surrounding the LG G7 are currently scarce at the moment but they will undoubtedly pick up in the next few months, especially if a January launch is true.

We will update this feature as soon as we hear any murmurings surrounding the LG G7 but in the meantime, feel free to let us know what you would like to see on the 2018 flagship in the comments.

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