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June 16, 2017

Google Backup & Sync app will help you maintain all your computer files

by John_A

Why it matters to you

If you’re a Google Drive user, you likely want it to be as easy as possible to sync your files across different platforms.

Google wants to be better at backing up your computer’s files. While the company already offers a Drive folder that can be installed on your computer, soon Google will be able to back up and sync any folder that you point it to on your computer. If you want, it can back up your desktop, entire documents folder, and more. Or, you can get more specific and tell it to only back up a specific set of files on your desktop.

The new feature will begin rolling out to users starting on June 28 in the form of an app called Backup & Sync, and it will incorporate features from both the Google Drive and Google Photos backup apps. The app is aimed at regular consumers rather than business users — and Google recommends business users stick with the already available Drive app.

Not too much is known about Backup & Sync just yet, and we don’t know the full extent of what it will be able to do. One thing, however, is for sure — syncing your entire computer will likely count pretty quickly toward your Google Drive storage limits, which sit in at 15GB for the free version — although you can buy more.

It’s nice to see Drive getting some upgrades. The Drive app has been around for some time now, and while it has gotten minor upgrades over the years it has also gotten a little outdated. Another nice touch — and a necessary one — is that Google says your settings from the Google Drive app will remain untouched after the upgrade, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any of your files being lost or deleted during the switch. The integration with Google Photos is also a nice touch — and means that users should be able to more easily manage their photo libraries.

As mentioned, the Backup & Sync app will begin rolling out to customers on Wednesday June 28.

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