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June 16, 2017

Go hands-free with Anker Soundsync Drive Bluetooth receiver, now just $17

by John_A

People hardly go anywhere without their smartphones. Nonetheless, concerns over road safety and the fact that many jurisdictions have passed hands-free driving laws necessitate either turning off one’s phone in the car or, better yet, investing in a handy wireless receiver like the Anker Soundsync Drive.

The Anker Soundsync Drive does much more than allow you to take hands-free calls, which you can already do on most phones with built-in speaker modes. This handy little Bluetooth receiver instead turns your car’s cabin into a hands-free ecosystem by connecting your smartphone to your vehicle’s stereo and routing audio through the speakers.

The compact Soundsync Drive is less than two inches wide and easily mounts to your car’s dash. The receiver utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology to effortlessly sync with your smartphone or other compatible wireless device and hooks up to your stereo via USB and a 3.5mm audio jack. After that, you can pair the Soundsync Drive with your chosen device with the press of a button. The device itself also features three controls for media playback, taking and ending calls, and activating voice-controlled smartphone functions like Siri or Cortana.

Speaker mode, while handy, is generally an inelegant solution that merely amplifies your phone’s small built-in audio driver. This usually results in loud, muddy sound that is not pleasant to listen to and is certainly not ideal for enjoying music. In comparison, the Anker Soundsync Drive receiver uses active noise suppression and delivers clear audio directly through your car speakers, giving your music the sound quality it deserves.

The Anker Soundsync Drive retails for $40, but a solid 58 percent discount shaves $23 off the price. This lets you score this road-safe Bluetooth receiver for just $17 from Amazon. The highly rated Soundsync Drive is the perfect hands-free solution for using your phone safely on the road and for saving some money while you are at it.


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