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June 15, 2017

Engadget at E3: How video games and film are merging inside VR

by John_A

In Door No. 1, a new virtual reality comedy show coming to Hulu, the audience becomes the director, choosing not only where to look, but also selecting certain actions and propelling the story forward in unique ways. You’re at your 10-year high school reunion and there are plenty of characters to interact with, including a janitor who wants to smoke you out and a faded former best friend. Viewers pick people to hang out with just by directing their sight toward the desired action, no gamepads required.

Regardless of the input method, Door No. 1 is essentially a live-action choose-your-own-adventure game, a comparison that crystalizes as the creative team at RYOT explains their approach to development. Hulu’s Noah Heller, and RYOT’s Nora Kirkpatrick and Molly Swenson joined us on the Engadget stage to talk about the differences — and similarities — between film and video games in VR.

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