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June 13, 2017

Tim Cook confirms Apple is working on self-driving car tech

by John_A

After months, and nearly years of speculation, Apple CEO Tim Cook has finally shed some light on the tech giant’s plans in the automotive sector.Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg, Cook said, “We’re working on autonomous systems, it’s a core technology that we view as very important”.

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However, the Apple CEO didn’t spill any information as to exactly what it is the company is working on. “We’ll see where it takes us, we’re not really saying from a product point of view what we will do”. So a car could still be in the pipeline for a future release, and an electric one at that. Cook expressed his admiration for the electric car industry, saying “It’s a marvellous experience not to stop at the filling station or gas station”.

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  • Apple will officially test its self-driving tech on this car in California 

Apple has previously been spotted testing self-driving cars around the San Francisco Bay area, and has also been seen to rent cars and fit their own camera technology to the top. It was thought at the time that these cameras would be used to help improve the Maps app with a Google Street View rival.

Bloomberg also reported about a year ago that Apple would be shifting its focus to self-driving car tech, after bringing back Bob Mansfield, a previous Apple executive, to head up its car division.

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