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June 13, 2017

EMBARGOED JUNE 13 12:01 A.M.: Logitech unveils Circle 2 security camera with wired and wireless operation

by John_A

Built for both indoor and outdoor use, and wired or wireless operation, Logitech’s new Circle 2 smart camera promises to be a flexible home security tool wherever you put it. It features a 1080p camera with an ultra-wide, 180-degree angle of view, making it easy to position in such a way to monitor an entire room. With a broad range of support accessories, it can be wirelessly mounted directly to a wall or window, or simply plugged straight into an outlet.

The Circle 2 will be available in either wired or wire-free models, but both feature the same weatherproof design. For outdoor wired operation, Logitech offers an optional weatherproof extension cable to safely wire the camera when the standard cable doesn’t provide enough reach. The wire-free model features a swappable, rechargeable battery that the company claims will last up to three months. Additional batteries can be purchased separately, ensuring you don’t have any downtime when it’s time to recharge.

With the Window Mount, the Circle 2 can clearly monitor the outside of a home from the inside – the mount holds the camera face-out directly to the window pane. The Plug Mount is a minimalist approach to indoor continuous operation and lets the camera be connected straight to an outlet – no wall-mounting hardware or power cord required.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Circle 2, however, is its support for both Apple’s and Amazon’s smart home hubs. While Apple HomeKit support won’t initially be available with the camera, it will be added sometime after launch via a software update. The device will ship with Amazon Alexa support, which will let users control settings and trigger recordings with voice commands.

The camera can also be controlled by a mobile app (iOS and Android) as well as a web app. It also supports Logitech’s POP Smart Button, which can be connected to other smart home devices, as well.

Aside from the versatile mounts, the rest of the Circle 2’s feature set runs par for the course. It includes night vision, two-way audio, encrypted cloud storage, and 24 hours of free online backup. Users can choose to add on either a 14-day or 31-day backup plan for additional storage. There is no memory card slot. The wired model starts at just $180, while the wire-free version bumps the price up to $200.

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