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June 13, 2017

Alienware’s E3 is all about gaming monitors and accessories

by John_A

It might surprise you to learn that Dell is one of the best monitor makers around. At E3 today, the company announced that it’s taking its display expertise deeper into the gaming arena with the launch of new Alienware monitors. They sport the brand’s more elaborate aesthetic, but most importantly, they pack in fast refresh rates and support for either NVIDA’s G-SYNC technology or AMD’s Freesync (which reduces image tearing and choppinesss). Additionally, Alienware is launching a new suite of accessories, and it’s bringing Intel and AMD’s most powerful CPUs to its flagship Area 51 desktop.

The Alienware 25 Gaming Monitors each sport 1080p screens, speedy 240Hz refresh rates and fast 1ms response times. And you’re in luck if you’re an AMD video card owner, as the Freesync version of the display retails for $500, compared to $700 for the NVIDIA G-SYNC variant. Otherwise, all of their hardware is the same, including a1000:1 contrast ratio and 400 nits of brightness. If you’re a fan of Alienware’s sharp designs, they’ll also fit in right alongside your existing hardware.

As for peripherals, there’s the Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse ($50) and Elite Gaming Mouse ($90). They both feature on-the-fly DPI switching, allowing you to tweak performance for different types of games. The Elite Gaming Mouse adds some ergonomic enhancements, including the ability to change its weight. On the keyboard front, there’s the $90 Advanced Gaming Keyboard, which uses mechanical keys (with KaiHua brown switches). The $120 Pro Gaming Keyboard adds a volume roller, more elaborate RGB lighting and onboard memory for saving macro commands.

And if you’ve been holding out for more power in the Area 51 desktop, you’ll be able to equip it with AMD’s 16-core Threadripper CPU on July 27th. Support for Intel’s X-Series CPUs, including its 18-core behemoth, is coming soon.

While many of these announcements have been a longtime coming — Alienware fans have been asking for revamped monitors for years — they’re a sign that Dell is ready to devote even more to the gaming world. Finally, you’ll be able to build an Alienware system with completely matching components.

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