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March 29, 2017

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories

by John_A

You’ve just ordered your swanky new Samsung Galaxy S8 from Carphone Warehouse, and now you need some accessories to go with it. The UK phone retailer offers a range of extras from VR headsets to soft-touch cases, and better still pre-ordering from Carphone means you’ll also get a Bluetooth speaker worth £99.99 for your troubles. 

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories available. 

Soft-touch Cases

Protection for a gorgeous smartphone is always a good idea. And Samsung has a bunch of alternatives. There are deluxe, soft-touch models with a suede-like finish which offer an opulent, comfortable feel. Choose from pink, pale blue and dark grey. It’s made from a material called Alcantara, made of polyester and polyurethane.

When you have a phone like the S8 with its sloping edges, you need a cleverly sculpted case that supports the corners but doesn’t impede access to the curved display.

There are also funkier, rubbery rear protectors which may make you feel more secure if you drop your valuable handset. Samsung’s making them in white, black, turquoise, lime green and off-white.

And less conventional ones

As well as these cases there’s an unusual one called the 2Piece Cover. Samsung says it’s “playful and unique”. It’s made of two pieces, as you’d expect. One clips to the top, one to the bottom and it means that when you’re holding the phone, you can feel the handset itself, not the cover. It’s curious, but not unattractive. Other cases include one with a transclucent front so you can read the time through it when it’s closed and which folds up to make it easy to view video playback, for instance.


Keyboard case

If you do a lot of texting, a case like this is worth a look. The back part can stay in place all day but then when you want to send a message, clip the front section on. The screen recognises the keyboard is there and moves the content up so it’s visible and you can then type away. It feels good and the keys are responsive.

Fast Charge dock

There’s a new charging pad which looks like a padded pebble. The textured finish means you can plonk the S8 or S8+ onto it and it won’t slip off. But if that’s not quite right for you, say if you want to look at the display from a different angle, you can twist the pebble into an almost-upright position. In which case the phone is held in place by a handy ridge.


Samsung Gear 360

Last year, Samsung released a 360 degree view camera with a fold-out tripod. This time the camera has a chubby stem which makes it easier to hold (available at Carphone Warehouse) and a rubber ring attachment like a little grey doughnut for extra stability when it’s standing on its own. The specs have been improved so that now it can film, and transmit its footage in 4K UHD and is capable of 360-degree live streaming. It feels much better in the hand than last year’s model.


Gear VR headset

The headset for virtual reality, where you place your Galaxy S8 or S8+ in the front as a display, has been significantly upgraded, especially in the way it feels. A soft, furry edge now fits to your head in a way that’s much better and more immersive. It also comes in a more attractive grey colour now, too. It also has a remote control which you can use to control certain VR apps and games. It’s backwards compatible with the Galaxy S7 and S6 handsets as well.

Fast Charge battery

This is one of the slickest-looking accessories Samsung has made. It’s a 5100mAh portable battery with a neat material handle at the top. Not only is it powerful enough to charge the phone multiple times, it’s even capable of fast-charging it. What’s more, it’s fast-charge-in as well as fast-charge-out so it doesn’t take as long when you’re recharging the battery itself.


Samsung DeX

This is intriguing. This dock has a USB-C connector in it so you plonk your phone in. The other end connects to a monitor and it creates a desktop computer environment. Add a mouse and keyboard and you have a way to use the phone as the CPU and a regular computer experience. Of course it’s not Windows but it has a series of proper Windows programs accessible. Worried that your phone might overheat from the work it’s doing? Don’t be, there’s a cooling fan built into the dock!

For the best Samsung S8 accessories from Carphone Warehouse, please click here

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