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March 28, 2017

Amazon takes on supermarkets with drive-through grocery pickup

by John_A

Over the last couple of decades, Amazon has slowly conquered the online retail space. The Seattle-based e-commerce company has made it possible to purchase any thing from books to live ladybugs within seconds. But the site hasn’t seen the same success with groceries. With AmazonFresh, a monthly subscription for pantry items, the one-click convenience became available for food but consumers continue to stay skeptical of purchasing fruits and veggies online. Now, the company has launched AmazonFresh Pickup, essentially a drive-through, so shoppers can grab their groceries in-person but they never have to leave their car.

You can order the items online, pick a time to drive up to an AmazonFresh location, and an Amazon employee will bring the groceries to your car when you get there. The service, which requires a Prime membership, is limited to two outlets in Seattle for now.

The Pickup locations are indicative of the company’s online efforts to make a mark on the booming supermarket industry, which it had struggled to make a dent in with AmazonFresh alone. The company’s overall goals are also not restricted to the digital space. Amazon has been inching forward toward building brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S. According to a recent New York Times report, Amazon’s ambition to take on the retail market is now starting to take physical form. In addition to groceries, the company is starting to think about stores for home appliances and furniture, too.

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