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March 21, 2017

The Evolution of Card Games

by John_A

Online Casinos have changed the way we play our favourite card games, there’s no denying that fact, but just how much have the traditional table games been altered thanks to the Internet and the convenience of playing in your own home? Obviously, we no longer need to head to the casino or invite friends over to get our kicks but there’s more to this shift than meets the eye.

Poker is a key example of a game changing courtesy of the technological revolution as many of the game’s core principles have been lost to the digital medium. No longer are players tasked with reading their opponents behaviour to try and glean a clue about the strength of their hand simply because they can no longer see the other players at the table!

Aside of the lack of face to face play; online poker is generally swayed in the favour of the high rolling gambler as many exceptional players find themselves folding when the stakes get too high for fear of losing it all on one hand – betting patterns are all the player really has to go on in terms of reading their opponents and it’s a risky business.

Blackjack has suffered in a similar fashion as players no longer have the option of trying to read a dealer or try and count their way through the deck to slightly less honest success. The lack of face to face interaction has damaged the potential enjoyment for many players but the evolution of card games isn’t all negative.

Online card games now bring together players from around the world in a way that was never possible before; far short of a chance meeting in Vegas, how else could you play poker against players from around the world? The online revolution has brought players together and is promoting the games in a way that couldn’t have been achieved via the casinos alone.

Equally, the games are far more accessible for many players who may have shied away from the tables in a land based casino for fear of losing it all. Tables with incredibly low stakes are open to players who want to enjoy the game without risking huge losses alongside the no limits games for the higher rollers.

In brief, the evolution of traditional card games has been both a beneficial and a negative thing depending on your outlook. The one thing that remains certain is that players who prefer the traditional approach can still attend the casinos and those who embrace the developments can continue to enjoy the games how they see best.

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