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March 21, 2017

How to link your Instagram to Facebook for unrivalled social synchronization

by John_A

Instagram and Facebook go hand in hand. The two services offer the kind of integration that you simply won’t find across other social platforms. Unlike Twitter, which publishes your Instagram posts as basic web links, Facebook actually lets you share images directly from the photo-sharing app to your timeline and the News Feed.

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It makes sense for Facebook to provide streamlined features for a popular app like Instagram, especially given the former bought the platform for $1 billion in cash and stock nearly five years ago. That said, the best thing about syncing is how effortless it is. Before guiding you through the process, let’s take a look at the benefits.

What’s not to like?

There are several reasons why you should consider linking your accounts. The overall benefit is straightforward: It will allow you to post the pics and videos you take using the photo-sharing app directly to Facebook.

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If you’re someone who enjoys getting likes on Instagram — and who doesn’t? — then that should translate to Facebook, too. Each image or video shared from one platform to the other links back to its original source, allowing you to potentially drive engagement, whether from your friends or a wider audience (if your posts are public).

The social network has a significantly larger user base (1.86 billion) than Instagram (600 million), so there’s a chance it could help you to reach more people. And, seeing as Instagram’s algorithmic feed is thought to prioritize posts with higher engagement, the extra likes could help your content rank higher in the News Feed. Even for those who are not looking for more exposure, cross-posting could allow your Facebook contacts that aren’t on Instagram to keep up with your activity.

Finally, due to the seamless integration between the two platforms, your Instagram post details (including captions) will be shared to Facebook, complete with any location data, hashtags, and emojis you’ve added. Your uploads will also be saved to Facebook — in their own album, titled “Instagram photos” — allowing you to quickly tag your friends on the social network.

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