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Rumored March 2017 iPad Update in Question Due to Poor Chip Yield Rates

Sources in Apple’s supply chain are suggesting that “lower-than-expected” yield rates for the 10-nanometer manufacturing process could “disrupt the schedule” of next year’s iPad launch, previously rumored to be coming in March 2017 (via DigiTimes). Specifically, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Samsung are said to be facing the biggest issues with their 10nm processes, and TSMC’s in turn has the potential to delay production for the A10X chips in the next-generation of iPads.

Apple typically sticks to the same manufacturing process for “X” labeled chips, and the current-generation A10 chip was crafted using the 16-nanometer process. The move to a more efficient 10nm chip in a new iPad line, while still unconfirmed, would go towards making the tablet more power efficient and able to fuel a speedier operating system experience for users.

TSMC has reportedly obtained 10nm chip orders from Apple, HiSilicon and MediaTek, with volume production set to kick off in the first quarter of 2017. Nevertheless, yield rates for TSMC’s 10nm process technology are not what the foundry expected, the sources said.

TSMC is scheduled to start making Apple’s A10X chips for the next-generation iPad series slated for launch in March 2017. Unsatisfactory yields for the foundry’s 10nm process could disrupt the schedule, the sources indicated.

Recent rumors suggest that the 2017 line of iPads will include three models: refreshed 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch versions, along with an all-new bezel-free 10.9-inch model. The new bezel-free model is said to be a thicker iPad at 7.5mm (the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro measures 6.1mm) and not include a Home Button. The specific size of the new iPad has varied in reports, including rumors that it will be 10.1 inches, 10.5 inches, and — most recently — 10.9 inches.

In the same report, DigiTimes mentioned that TSMC is also gearing up to produce A11 chips in the upcoming “iPhone 8.” According to supply chain sources, volume production for those chips is expected to begin in Q2 2017, which aligns with Apple’s annual September iPhone launch schedule.

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TouchArcade Shares the Top 100 Mobile Games of 2016

The team over at our sister site TouchArcade plays, reviews, and highlights thousands of mobile games every year, making them experts on the best iOS titles out there.

Now that the App Store freeze is in place and no additional apps will be coming out in 2016, TouchArcade has compiled its list of the top 100 mobile games of the year.

TouchArcade’s list, which is alphabetical, spans multiple genres and covers both mobile exclusives and games that are available on multiple platforms. It was compiled by all of the TA staff and includes commentary from each of the TA writers. From TouchArcade Editor-in-Chief Eli Hodapp:

We tried to provide a good list that represents all of the best things the App Store had to offer in 2016, covering as many genres as possible and aiming for an even mix of exclusive games and great multi-platform ports.

Instead of just sorting our reviews by the highest rated, which anyone can do just by looking at our top reviews, we aimed to build a list of games that would have something for everyone regardless of whether you love simple one-button games or in-depth point and click adventure games.

TouchArcade’s list includes a huge range of titles, from in-depth RPGs like Crashlands to independent platformers like Mikey Jumps to free games like Rodeo Stampede. Check out TouchArcade’s top 100 games over at the TouchArcade website.
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Target Sale Marks $150 Off 9.7-Inch and 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Models

Target today is having a sale on a collection of iPad models, including the most recent Wi-Fi versions of the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. For the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Target has taken off $150, marking the 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB iPad down to $449.99, $549.99, and $649.99, respectively.

Not every version of the iPad is available to ship, however. At the time of writing, for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro only the 32GB Rose Gold, 32GB Space Gray, and 32GB and 128GB Gold models are able to be added to the user’s cart to ship, with December 27 being the earliest estimated delivery date. Every other model can be picked up at a nearby Target, but stock is likely to be sparse so close to Christmas.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has received a similar markdown today, with the 32GB and 128GB editions priced at $649.99 and $749.99, respectively. Unfortunately, Target has not included the 256GB 12.9-inch model in its iPad sale. The larger-screened iPad appears to be completely out of stock for online orders, so users will have to check local stores to take advantage of the discounts.

Wi-Fi + Cellular editions for both the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro are also discounted by $150 today at Target, with similar stock shortages facing the 12.9-inch tablet. Check out the rest of the iPad deals at, including sales on products like the iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2.

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Best iPhone and iPad Apps on Sale Through the Holidays

Today marks the first day of Apple’s annual iTunes Connect holiday shutdown, meaning the App Store will be void of any new or updated apps between now and Tuesday, December 27. Prices are also locked in place, giving iPhone and iPad users plenty of time to capitalize on holiday sales for a number of popular apps.

Alto’s Adventure
$3.99 → 99 cents
iPhone and iPad
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: A beautiful endless runner with procedurally generated terrain based on real-world snowboarding.

day-oneDay One
$4.99 → $2.99
iPhone and iPad
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: A popular journaling app for capturing everything from once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments.

$9.99 → $4.99
iPhone and iPad
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: A popular Twitter app with granular mute filters, support for multiple accounts, timeline syncing across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and more.

djay-prodjay Pro for iPad
$19.99 → $9.99
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: A popular app for DJs that integrates with your media library and Spotify. 2016 Apple Design Award Winner.

$5.99 → $2.99
iPhone and iPad
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: A popular app for writing with text-to-HTML tool Markdown.

duet-displayDuet Display
$19.99 → $9.99
iPhone and iPad
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: Turn a plugged-in iPad or iPhone into an extra display for your Mac or PC. Praised for lag-free experience in reviews.

dontstarveDon’t Starve: Pocket Edition
$4.99 → 99 cents
iPhone and iPad
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: MacRumors sister website TouchArcade called this game a masterpiece of horror, humor, and hunger.

broken-ageBroken Age
$4.99 → 99 cents
iPhone and iPad
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: A popular animated puzzle-filled adventure game. Apple Editors’ Choice Winner.

pandemicPandemic: The Board Game
$6.99 → $1.99
iPhone and iPad
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: An award-wining board game in which players are put in an apocalyptic situation where they must work as a team to save the world.

i3Out There: Ω Edition
$4.99 → 99 cents
iPhone and iPad
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: MacRumors sister website TouchArcade gave this galactic adventure game 5 out of 5 stars.

nba2k17NBA 2K17
$7.99 → $2.99
AppShopper | App Store

Editor’s Note: The latest iPhone version of the popular NBA 2K franchise.

More deals can be found on AppShopper and through the ongoing App Santa promotion, which in addition to some of the apps above, includes discounts on Vee, Screens, Soulver, Pennies, Launch Center Pro, Drafts 4, Interact, Deliveries, Castro, Group Text+, Star Walk, Rando Emoji, and PCalc.

The annual App Store holiday shutdown has also provided TouchArcade with an opportunity to finalize its list of the 100 best games available this year. Nintendo franchises ruled with Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run this year, alongside popular titles like Clash Royale, Lumines, and Deus Ex GO.

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Polk Audio Boom Bit review – CNET

The Good The Polk Boom Bit is a tiny waterproof Bluetooth speaker that outputs a reasonable amount of sound and can be clipped on to your clothing. It has a built-in USB charger so you can plug it into your computer or USB wall power adapter. Works well as a personal speakerphone.

The Bad Sound is serviceable, but not all that good; could be a tad cheaper.

The Bottom Line The wearable Polk Boom speaker is cool, but its sound is pretty underwhelming.

Polk’s Boom Bit ($30, £40) may not be the first wearable Bluetooth speaker, but it’s one of the most ambitious attempts at creating a wearable Bluetooth speaker.

The size and shape of a cigarette lighter, the tiny, ruggedized Boom Bit (1.1 ounces or 32 grams) is water-resistant and has an integrated microphone so it doubles as a speakerphone. The built-in clip allows you to securely fasten the speaker to your clothing and it’s ideally worn at around collar level, where it can sit not too far from your mouth and ears. There are volume controls on the speaker, which is good.


The Boom Bit clips right onto your clothing.

Sarah Tew/CNET

At close range, the 1.5-watt Boom Bit sounds pretty loud. I just wouldn’t say it sounds good. It’s smaller than an old transistor radio but the sound isn’t much different. As you might expect, there’s barely any bass and the speaker sounds strained and distorted when you push up the volume. But it does sound better — or at least plays louder — than your phone’s speakers and people’s voices sound clear during calls (little speakers like this are strongest in the midrange).


LG G5 owners, how’s the Nougat update treating you?


Running Nougat on LG’s smaller flagship? We want to know what you think!

The LG G5 wasn’t exactly a smash hit, nor did its modular “friends” ecosystem take off. But it’s a solid phone in itself, and one of the few released in 2016 to offer a removable battery. It’s also lightning fast, with one of the best phone cameras to date, in the form of a 16-megapixel main camera and 8-megapixel wide angle shooter.

The G5’s Nougat update brings its software in line with the V20.

And the G5 gets even better this winter thanks to a relatively speedy upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. LG’s home market of South Korea already has Nougat on the G5, and the update has since started to trickle out to parts of North America and Europe.

While LG’s UX hasn’t changed much, the Nougat update brings redesigned quick settings, overhauled notifications, proper split-screen multi-window support among other improvements.

If you’re rocking an LG G5 with the latest Android update, we want to know what you think! Has your G5 stood the test of time, or are you running into problems after upgrading to the latest firmware. Some G5 owners on the Android Central forums are noticing a battery life hit after taking the over-the-air update, while others are seeing a slight improvement.

Whatever your impressions of Nougat on the G5, be sure to share your thoughts down in the comments. And head on over to the G5 forums for more discussion on the phone’s latest firmware upgrade.

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Digital Offers: Learn to Code in Every Language you Need for $39!

“Computer programming is the future the industry of the future.” If you have heard someone say that, it’s time to look at a calendar and realize that future is here. Computer Science is a growing industry that is constantly involving and because of that, computer programmers always have to learn new things. If you’re looking to get a start in the industry, or you’re even looking to just switch jobs, you may notice a lot of employers asking for qualified coders in multiple languages meaning you have a lot of learning to do.

The problem is courses alone can costs you hundreds of dollars and going back to school isn’t a great way to pay the bills. The good news is you can learn everything you need to know about with online courses at your and Android Central’s help it won’t put a strain on your budget!

The Complete Computer Science Bundle will give you the knowledge and skills you need to program in most of the major languages such as C++, Java, Python, and more!

This great bundle gives you lifetime access to over 50 hours of course material.

Just take a look at some of the courses included in this bundle:

  • From 0 to 1: C Programming – Drill Deep
  • Byte Size Chunks: Java Object-Oriented Programming & Design
  • From 0 to 1: Learn Python Programming – Easy as Pie
  • Learn By Example: C++ Programming – 75 Solved Problems
  • From 0 to 1: Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

Save 89% on lifetime access to this great bundle! Learn more

Normally this bundle would cost you $367, but if you buy right now through Android Central Offers you will receive the entire bundle for only $39!

Stop waiting for that job promotion or career change to fall into your lap and start learning everything you need to be a programming genius!


How to buy and email a Google Play Gift Card


In need of a last-minute gift? Google’s here to help!

A Google Play Gift card makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any Android user on your shopping list. You can find gift cards at a number of popular brick and mortar stores, but if you’ve been trying your darnedest to avoid the hustle and bustle of the shopping season, Google has made it incredibly easy to give the gift of Google Play credits via email — right from the Google Play Store App.

This option is only available in the United States, so the rest of the world is stuck with the traditional gift cards. Bah humbug!

How to buy and email a Google Play Gift Card.

Launch the Google Play Store app and tap the Menu bottom by the search bar.
Tap Send Gift.

Select the gift value you wish to send.


In the next window, type the recipient’s email along with an optional greeting.
Tap Continue.

Confirm all the info is correct and then tap Buy.


You may need to enter your Account password to confirm the purchase.
Your gift card will immediately be sent out via email.


You will also be sent a copy of the email with the Google Play gift code. If for whatever reason your recipient can’t find the email with the gift code info, you can forward them your copy and it’ll work just the same.


ICYMI: Model your home automation on Mark Zuckerberg’s

ICYMI: Model your home automation on Mark Zuckerberg's

Today on In Case You Missed It: It’s our holiday episode and what better way to celebrate than with Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla, their baby and mop dog? The Zuck is taking people inside his home for a look at the home automation system he programmed himself, using Facebook programming tools. He shows off his shirt launcher, text to dim the lights, facial recognition and more in the video, though the funniest (yet cruelest) moment may be the Zuck’s trolling of oft-hated on rock band Nickelback.

We were lucky to find this The Mummy IMAX trailer before Paramount scrubbed the mistake from the internets. Take in Tom Cruise’s screams as my holiday gift to you. There are some great stories in TL;DR but we most recommend reading up on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s full-page ad to the Trump Administration. As always, please share any interesting tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @mskerryd.


The Engadget Podcast Ep 19: Simply the Best

In this week’s episode guest host Devindra Hardawar is joined by managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Chris Velazco as they run through the biggest winners of 2016. While it might have been a rough year for our musical legends, it was a pretty solid one for Netflix and Tesla. Heck, even in the throes of a growing fake news crisis, Facebook managed to have more wins than loses. And, once they’ve finished listing off all the ways emoji are taking over the world, they’ll look at some of the best gadgets of 2016.



Winning %

Christopher Trout
Mona Lalwani
Dana Wollman
Devindra Hardawar
Chris Velazco
Cherlynn Low
Nathan Ingraham
Michael Gorman

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You can check out every episode on The Engadget Podcast page in audio, video and text form for the hearing impaired.

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