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December 21, 2016

Deck your phone with these ho-ho-holiday wallpapers

by John_A


A holiday poem, and some wallpapers, too!

‘Tis four days before Christmas,

So time to deck the halls.

We’ve decked the tree and the car,

And the ceilings and the walls.

But we’ve missed something special,

For your desktop is bare.

Time to get a festive wallpaper,

For your Android phone to wear.

So enjoy these five walls,

Some cute and some merry.

And happy holidays from AC,

Time to steal some rum from Jerry!

Disneyland Paris Christmas


This is the holiday wallpaper I’ve used for two years now, and I love it to pieces. I have the ever-charming Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant from Disneyland Paris shining in the distance, snow falling across the beautiful wintery scene, and a Santa boot left Cinderella-style on the steps (bet he’s missing that in this weather). This wallpaper is whimsical, yet refined, and the strong blue-white-red color scheme lends itself well to theming, with Glim red-variant icons for my dock and color-variable widgets when I get the whim.

Disneyland Paris Christmas

It’s Christmas Time by Anyzamarah


Fractals are all around in the winter, and they make lovely wallpapers, from snowflakes, to Christmas trees to the most ornate ornaments you’ll ever see. This is a wallpaper that can draw you in with its remarkable detailing and stun you with its beauty. You’ll be hard pressed to put this away at the end of the season.

It’s Christmas Time by Anyzamarah

Arctic Christmas


Once you’ve caught your Santa Pickachus in Pokémon Go, why not grab a holiday wallpaper with our favorite Ice-type Pokémon? From the magestic Lapras to the dark and mysterious Weavile, Pokémon from all over the frozen north come together to celebrate the holiday together and light up the winter’s night under the glow of the aurora.

Artic Christmas by arkeis-pokemon

Candy Cane Queen

It’s easy to go overboard with candy canes at Christmas time, but this remarkable Candy Cane Queen by littlepaperforest does it right. The stripes aren’t everywhere, and they’re not garish, they’re lovely accents instead. And her crown of holiday leaves and flowers is a stroke of genius. Her figure is also something to make me envious every time I look at my home screen, so there’s that, too.

Candy Cane Queen by littlepaperforest



A lot of shows do Christmas wrong. Really, really wrong in some cases (cough cough Star Wars cough cough). But My Little Pony does it right. Not only is Hearth’s Warming Eve its own holiday with historical and magical importance, but it makes the carols and merrymaking an important part of the holiday. Of course, Discord’s take on Hearth’s Warming Eve is bound to be a bit more… lively. And really, as chaotic as Christmas is, it should be Discord’s holiday.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go sing Pinkie’s Present at the top of my lungs.


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