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December 21, 2016

Chromebook Gift Guide: What should you buy this holiday season

by John_A


Chromebooks make great holiday gifts and we’re here to help you decide the best one to buy.

The holiday buying rush is in full swing and we’re almost out of time to find that perfect gift for a special someone in your life. Good thing there is something that’s easy to find, won’t hurt your wallet and is something that anyone would love — a new Chromebook!

They come in plenty of sizes, styles and capabilities, so you’ll be able to pick the perfect model no matter who you’re buying for. And what you’re giving — the full internet experience with the Chrome browser, thousands of apps and extensions that go with it and a secure system that is quick and almost maintenance free. Of course, you also get Google Play and over 1,000,000 Android applications on select models.

Since different people have different needs, let our expertise help you pick the right Chromebook to make the perfect gift.

The best Chromebook for kids and students


The ASUS Chromebook Flip is the best Chromebook for the kids and students in your life. The smaller 10-inch size makes it perfect for the little ones, and ultra-portable for the older ones who seem to always be on the go.

The hardware is plenty powerful to offer a great experience, too. The 1280 x 800 screen is bright and sharp and the keyboard and trackpad are responsive and easy to use. Best of all, it folds over on itself and becomes a full touchscreen device.

The addition of Google Play and Android apps combined with the convertible profile means the Flip is also a great Android tablet where you can play games or doodle or watch a movie or two.

Kids of all ages will love the ASUS Chromebook Flip and everything it does. You’ll love the price tag and that you won’t have to worry about viruses and malware.

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The best for your parents or grandparents


The best Chromebook for your parents or grandparents is the Acer Chromebook 14.

The Acer Chromebook 14 brings everything great about a Chromebook into the big-screen arena. The 14-inch IPS HD screen is gorgeous and coated with a semi-reflective treatment to keep glare at bay without sacrificing too much in the way of viewing angles. The keyboard is roomy, the keys won’t wobble and wiggle around and we wouldn’t have any problem using it day in and day out. The trackpad is huge, supports all of Chrome’s multi-finger gestures and can click to act like a mouse button. The Chromebook 14 really takes advantage of the room a larger screen provides.

It’s also beautifully built. An all-aluminum chassis with smooth edges and round corners and a single full-piece bottom is the same styling used on high-end computers like the MacBook, and your folks will appreciate the look and style. The Acer Chromebook 14 is a perfect way for your parents or grandparents to sit down and get some work done, manage online accounts and pay bills or to relax after a busy day.

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The best Chromebook for you


2017 will bring plenty of new Chromebooks at all price points, but right now the Acer Chromebook R13 is the best one for you and me.

At 13 inches, it has plenty of real estate for all the apps and windows and chats you might have going on, has plenty of power to do just about anything and folds over to become a large-screen tablet complete with a multi-touch interface. This meshes perfectly with Android apps from Google Play, which the R13 supports.

It’s also built well and the aluminum body is tough enough to hold up in a bag or backpack and has full USB-C support to charge your other devices using the power delivery standard — and it has a “regular” USB 3.0 port so all the things you already have can plug right in. Top things off with excellent battery life and the Acer Chromebook R13 is the best Chromebook you can buy for yourself.

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